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A Modern Tarot Deck: Fantome By Lamuci

If you’re interested in tarot reading, you’ve probably heard of popular decks like the Rider-Waite. Well, are you ready to meet a multidimensional tarot deck? For those looking for different tarot decks, we would like to introduce you to the Fantome tarot deck from Lamuci Design…

A New Tarot Deck, Fantome’s History

In one week, 7 short days, my first ever Kickstarter campaign will go live! It’s a weird feeling of nervousness, happiness, and excitement, all bundled into one.

Over the past few months, I really give it my best to design something unique, something that the Professional tarot readers and tarot community hasn’t seen before. You helped a lot. Your feedback and comments pushed me to do better and I’ll be forever grateful for this.

The culmination of this work is Fantome, a new tarot deck by Lamuci Design. It is’a 78- card tarot deck. It is accompanied by a printed guidebook and – to my knowledge. This tarot guidebook is the world’s first digital multidimensional guidebook in the form of an augmented reality (AR) mobile app.

If you’re a beginner in tarot reading, you can also read “What Is a Tarot Guidebook and How To Buy It?

Before the campaign of this new tarot deck launches next week, I wanted to share a couple of things about our new tarot deck with you to keep you informed. You can read about them below!

How Much Fantome Tarot Deck Costs?

This is probably something that I believe most of you are wondering so I guess it’s a good place to start.

  • The Early Bird reward (which gets you 1x Tarot deck, 1x printed guidebook, 1x AR app, 1x special Early bird thank you gift) will be available for the first 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign.
  • The early bird’s price will be 45 EUR (~53 USD). The final retail price after the Kickstarter tarot deck campaign will be 55 EUR (~65 USD) so by choosing the Early bird option you can save 10 EUR (~12 USD).

After the first 48 hours, the Early bird reward will not be available anymore, but you will still be able to get the deck for 50 EUR until the end of the campaign.

If you’re thinking to buy more than one tarot deck I will have additional rewards available that will include volume discounts which will go up to 30%.

Is there anything else that will be available?

Late last year Kickstarter announced a new feature called Add-ons. Add-ons allow you to add additional items to your selected reward. They are completely optional, so you decide if you want to get them or not.

For this campaign, I prepared several add-on options for you. If you want to you’ll be able to add items like a silk tarot cloth or an art print to your rewards. A total of five additional add-ons will be available. Let’s keep the other three a surprise for the day of the launch 🙂

When can you expect to get your rewards?

Now, this is something I’m really proud of. During the entire time of the design process, I worked closely with my card supplier to make sure that we are in perfect sync for the production part of the process. As soon as the campaign finishes (end of May) and we will know how many items I need to ship, they will start with the production process.

This means that I am planning to deliver all the items in September – yes, September 2021 -, a short 3 months after the campaign ends. I see it as my duty to get the items to my backers as soon as possible so I paid extra attention to this part. All the items will be shipped with DHL Express or equivalent.

There are also referral rewards …

I know that tarot is not the cheapest of passions, but I can truthfully say that quality comes at a price. But that’s where we can help each other.

I maxed out my tarot cards and budget to get this deck to this point. Which means I’m kind of without any extra funds to promote it. Help me promote this Kickstarter tarot deck campaign and you can earn some cool referral rewards. The rewards will be announced when the page launches. One of them is obviously a Fantome tarot deck.

To participate you will need to register through an application form. The link to the form will be in the referral section of the new tarot deck campaign. Once you do so I’ll send you a special link that you can share with your friends and family.

Through this special link, Kickstarter can tell me how many people backed the new tarot deck campaign through your efforts so I can then properly distribute the rewards. More information will be available on the campaign page after launch.

A final thank you!

My feedback surveys were anonymous, but strangely, I felt a connection with so many of you that submitted your responses. I could feel your passion through the word and phrases you used. Your positive and(!) negative feedbacks helped me to make this campaign a reality. You helped me get over my own doubts and struggles and I’ll be forever grateful to all of you.

PS – Here’s a “behind-the-scenes-shot” from the Kickstarter video shooting. I’m very grateful to have friends like this that can jump in to help! The video will be super interesting. Hopefully you’ll like what we did.

With a tarot guidebook, this different tarot deck will be a admission ticket the tarot world!

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