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Differences Between Tarot Cards and Lenormand Cards

Is Lenormand an oracle or tarot? What are Lenormand cards used for? If you’re interested in the divination spirit, you probably know more about tarot reading. Well, have you heard of Lenormand Cards? In this article, we will talk about the differences between tarot cards and Lenormand Cards

You may have noticed I provide not only goodies for Tarot divination. But also several card designs of something called Lenormand. To put it blunt, Lenormand is not Tarot! Then, which is older tarot or Lenormand?

Instead, both are a species of divination cards, with their own unique systems. If you’re curious to learn more about divination sprit, this blog post is your one-stop resource for what Lenormand is, what’s its divination style, when it may be preferable to Tarot, and many helpful sources —  including a Lenormand Guidebook download link!

What are Lenormand Cards? History of Lenormand Cards

What is Lenormand used for? What is the meaning of Lenormand? What is it and how does it work? Where did Lenormand cards originate from?

Lenormand is a relatively younger divination system. And history of Lenormand already dates back to the late 1800s!

Until now it’s been rather narrow niche system in a few European countries, passed down mostly by tongue. With its translation to English, its popularity began rising, only escalating year after year!

Upon first impression, professional Tarot readers might be somewhat skeptical and dismissive of the Lenormand deck’s capability for detailed readings, often mislead by its compact number of 36 cards and minimalistic style.

But don’t judge a Lenormand by Tarot!

More About the Lenormand Cards…

The cards’ visuals are very direct :

  • The Dog card features a dog, Key features a key and so forth!

Lenormand Cards meanings are also less about a deeper spiritual narrative and more about few, but very specific keywords: such as loyalty, following, obedience and support for the Dog.

Lenormand Cards and their Uses

Lenormand cards don’t have reversals. They combine their neutral, positive and negative meanings, leaving the interpretation up to the reader’s intuition. But, what do Lenormand cards mean?

With 36 cards in deck,  Lenormand cards focus heavily on the combinations between themselves. For example, a Lenormand card combinations:

  • The Dog and the Key Lenormand card combination can talk about ‘opening up to a friend’ or ‘discovering something new about a friend’.

Just a two card combination out of the 36 creates more than a thousand unique meanings! Thus spreads and positions don’t play much role in Lenormand cards.

Its visual language focused on few keywords is designed to be quick and direct. At a glance, an experienced Lenormand reader doesn’t need much time and effort to interpret the Lenormand card combinations.

While Tarot cards deals with a wide range of feelings, thematic tropes, behavior and spirituality, Lenormand cards can show a variety of specific places, situations and people!

Tarot Cards vs Lenormand Cards

When to choose Lenormand over Tarot?

If you’re someone who is more of a ‘logical’ think than an ‘imaginative’ one, the Lenormand cards are an amazing fit for you.

Lenormand is a lot less ‘story telling’ than Tarot and more, well, plain ‘telling’ . A combination of cards from left to right can be read like a sentence.

If you’re an impatient reader, or whenever you need a quick-and-dirty answer, this sentence-like reading, direct visuals and specific keywords as mentioned above can be even more intuitive and, most importantly, fast with Lenormand card reading!

Even more facilitating its on-the-go convenience, Lenormand cards are smaller and lesser in number, so they’re that much travel-friendly and easier to carry in a purse.

How to Read Lenormand? Lenormand Card Meanings

The variety of details Lenormand combinations can communicate makes it somewhat superior to Tarot when asking about the future.

It’s better at answering ‘what’ and ‘where’ questions rather than ‘how’ or ‘why’. While Tarot reading offers a lot of analysis and potential for diving deeper and deeper into the source of things.

 For this reason, some esoteric practitioners find Lenormand card reading more intimidating, but don’t forget that divinations tell us merely the likely possibilities with the intention of preparing, advising and guiding us to a better outcome.

Final Thought About Lenormard And Tarot

At the end of the day, it’s not a competition. Lenormand and Tarot are both tools for clarity and spiritual self-care. There’s no reason one can’t practice both. Or even use Tarot cards and Lenormand cards together, like some people combine Tarot with Runes.

Why not start with one of the seven Lenormand decks I designed! Also, get a quick-and-dirty guidebook I put together down below. I hope you’re inspired to continue practicing divination in new and exciting ways.

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