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How is a Pendulum Used In Everyday Life?

Have you ever heard what a pendulum is and how is it used in society? Really, why is the pendulum important? First of all, it helps to;

  • Helps to find lost objects
  • Connecting with your higher, subconscious self
  • Make quick decision
  • Balance chakras

Pendulums and pendulum boards are such easy and beginner-friendly divination tools with so much flexibility. In this article, we will talk about the ways to use a pendulum in everyday life and also in your soul-care routine, as well as quick-and-dirty esoteric life-hacks!

The month of Alternative Divination Methods

This October my blog posts will be looking into divination tools outside of Tarot and even Lenormand, as I too update my knowledge and provide you with more ways to practice soul care.

What is the use of a pendulum?

What is the use of a pendulum?

What is the theory behind the pendulum?

There are many approaches, as well as misconceptions, surrounding pendulums online. Today, we will be looking at pendulum boards for the sake of self-care and daily life-hacks. For that, we need to think of pendulums as being a key to our subconscious, or a tool for channelling guidance. 

Questions to Ask Your Pendulum

Asking question to a pendulum, it means we tap into our subconscious. But, how do you know if a pendulum is saying yes?

The slight movements of the pendulum could be subconscious, micro movements of our hand, controlled by the mind that already knows the answer. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get into spirit work, your spiritual guide of choice could be giving those nudges.

The next thing to bear in mind is the kind of questions to ask. Just the same as when I talked about Tarot, divination tools are a language.

Much like we use code to communicate between machine and man, we have a limited set of symbols, visuals or communication patterns to carry the message. Except, while we have the luxury to send our message in a grammatical sentence, we don’t have the luxury of receiving an answer in the same format.

With a pendulum board, there is typically Yes, No, Unknown and Maybe. Pendulum boards also come with moon phases on them, but about that later. Asking things like ‘how, what, when’ will not give a comprehensive answer. Instead try asking your pendulum ‘will, should, could’ kind of questions.

Yes or No Questions With A Pendulum

Yes or No Questions With A Pendulum

How do you know if a pendulum is saying yes?

The most prominent thing about a pendulum board is the very direct Yes and No wordings on the board.

This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Even in Tarot, sometimes cards might show you things that are meant to provoke you, if that’s the only way you’re likely to act on something based on your personality.

The Yes or No pendulum question should thus be treated like a coin flip. Whatever the result, you will feel either relieved or slightly disappointed, thus revealing your true subconscious wish. You can even do this without a board by giving a mental direction for different options.

The most productive kind of Yes or No questions to ask to pendulum for soul care are clarifiers. Ask the kind of questions that help you understand yourself better, about your state of mind, pinpointing your exact emotion, narrowing down your anxieties or wishes.

Questions To Ask To A Pendulum:

  • Am I feeling lonely?
  • Am I feeling a lack of creativity?
  • Do I overthinking about x too much?
  • Is my job causing me stress?

When asking  a question to a pendulum about a certain topic, like a stress factor, ask about one thing at a time, repeating ‘is a stress factor for me?’ replacing it with all your current responsibilities and concerns. See how you feel, and journal these feelings down.

And of course, never ask questions you don’t feel ready to know the answer to, because results will vary and it can only confuse you further.

Chakra Balancing With Pendulum

What is the best way to balance your chakras? One of them is using pendulums!

Because, pendulum vibrations can help us detect imbalances in your chakras.

  1. You can do this on a table with chakra reiki stones, or on yourself or over another person.
  2. Hold the pendulum over each chakra location (or crystal), close your eyes and feel for the vibrations.
  3. This is a great practice for all your sense.
  4. Total stability of the pendulum might represent a block. Overly strong swaying might be showing an over-active chakra. Neither are good and in both cases are in need to be balanced.

You can find many guides online for what the symptoms of a blocked or over-balanced chakra are, and take actions. This can become a monthly journaling tradition for you at the end of the month to track and see how your chakra balancing progress is going.

Using pendulum board with moon phases

Using pendulum board with moon phases

Many pendulum boards come with moon phases on them. You can use these not so much for questions as much as closing your eyes and meditating on a subject, until you feel the pendulum’s vibrations begin to sway it. This is something you can use when channeling your guardian angel or spiritual guide for advice. The corresponding moon-phase associations are as follow:

  • New Moon. Start over. This is the inception of something new.
  • Waxing Crescent. Make plans and create options for yourself.
  • First Quarter. Grow your strength.
  • Waxing Gibbous. Gather resources to manifest things into reality.
  • Full Moon. Take action!
  • Waning Gibbous. Be grateful, and learn your lessons.
  • Third Quarter. This does not serve you.
  • Waning Crescent. Release this energy.
  • Check out our Pendulum sets

Using Pendulum For Affirmation

Another way to tap into spiritual guidance and understand your current needs and concerns better is using a pendulum over affirmation cards, like the La Muci Oracle Deck or Fantome deck.

You can create a circle of affirmation cards face down for a guided message, or face up picked from various messages you feel drawn to at the moment and see which one resonates with your current situation more.

How to Use Your Pendulum to Find Lost Objects?

As we said before, one of the most popular usage of a pendulum is finding lost objects.

For beginners, it is best to start with a pendulum board for finding lost objects. You are essentially tapping into your subconscious memory by tracking the movement of the pendulum in response to different locations. The most productive things to ask would be things like:

  • Did I lose it during work?
  • Is inside of something?
  • Is it in the kitchen?
  • Did I see this object already today without noticing?

But be aware that you need a clear, stable mind for this, as the pendulum might tap into your paranoia. If you are truly worried that you forgot your car keys in a café somewhere, your board will most likely show you what you’re channeling. Practice clearing your mind before divinations. Oh, and the advanced version of this? Letting the pendulum guide you through the room intuitively!

Pro party tip! Try playing 20 Questions with your friends, using the pendulum and board. It’s very entertaining. It’s also a good way to train your intuition every day. Text your friends or ask your family to think of an object and see if you can 20 Question your way with the pendulum board to divinate what it is!

Using a pendulum to manage your time

Upgrading from a coin-flip strategy, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with tasks, aren’t sure where to start on with a task or generally feel unsure about what to do next, you can combine the two strategies of Yes or No with Object Finding, by forming one by one time-specific questions in the light of:

Are the next 2 hours a good time to do x / y / z?

Is the the evening a better time to do x / y / z?

Am I in the right state of mind to do x / y / z for the next 1 hour?

Should I do x / y / z today at all?

Don’t shy away from rephrasing as many time-specific questions as needed to box your time schedule, and of course, never forget to ask about resting, entertainment and connecting with others. But remember again, cleanse your mind to avoid bias!

Final Thoughts About Using Pendulum In Everyday Life

A pro reminder is that crystal pendulums need charging and cleansing just like any crystal, more often so since you are actively using them for divination. Smoke cleansing your board is also highly recommended — and if it’s made from wood, the scent of palo santo sticks to it amazingly!

There’s always a risk of dependency or relying on divination to give you all the answers or solve things for you rather than guiding you.

It is crucial to practice a healthy mindset and comprehend what it is you are doing with these tools, and that is primarily tapping into your intuition and clarity for your own benefit. It’s also more productive to be asking about yourself rather than others.

Would you like a post about divination dependency? Let me know in the comment section below, as well as any feedback or questions you have for this post.

What about using pendulum with spiritual guides or to communicate with the dead?

Spirit work is a whole different practice of its own that requires a lot of grounding to protect yourself, a long-term dedication to bettering your connections with your guides (and recognizing them rather than some random bored spirit), and research, research, research.

Today, we talked about soul-care and personal benefits. If you feel called to work with spirits, I advise (especially if you keep an esoteric journal or witch grimoire) to do a dedicated long term research beforehand.

And as always, sending you lots of love, and take good care of yourself.

Now you know more about pendulum use in everyday life. You can check out our blog about other divination tools.


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