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How To Do A Tarot Reading For Yourself

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The question of how Tarot cards work, what they are used for, what the cards mean, and whether we can do a reading for ourselves can be confusing at first. We may not know what to do with the cards, and that’s perfectly normal. Hundreds of years of history, invented towards the end of the Middle Ages, are now in our hands. So what exactly are we going to do with it? Check out our article where we explain what you can do if you find yourself in this experience We have no doubt that you will come upon the perfect tip.

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What to know before you start reading Tarot cards to yourself

Doing tarot reading for yourself is a way to learn and can bring insight. You may learn how to ask questions and how to be objective by reading for yourself. You should, in my opinion, follow your heart in this matter. Tarot readings help me gain a deeper understanding of a problem by allowing me to step back from it and see the bigger picture. 

We read the cards for ourselves to gain insight, as do the majority of others, but since we are only human, we can’t always be objective about what the cards are saying. Personal bias is definitely limiting when it comes to personal readings. Sometimes you can step back from the spread and try to imagine what advice you would give a stranger who had come to you with the same question. It keeps your mind expansive. 

Create a sacred space for better and more personal readings

A sacred space, whether it be an altar, a spot outside, or a corner in a house, is a place for quiet introspection where one can communicate with the divine in a loving and secure setting. It is your openness to experience, the space in which you constantly exist, and the location at which you are currently standing. When we designate an area as sacred for a certain use, we are cleansing it and defining it on a spiritual, mental, physical, and psychological level.

 You can light a couple candles and burn some incense to channel the four elements. It’s nice to have a specific location that doesn’t get mixed up with other activities. 

You get to decide where it is, how it is, and what it is, so don’t be surprised if you have to “experiment” with all three until you find the setting that works best for you. Just keep in mind that Tarot reading is all about the cards; anything else (lighting, camera, action, music, incense, attire, jewelry, etc.) is just “dressing” that might support your readings but isn’t always necessary. It’s crucial to avoid making the accessories more significant than the reading. You have to do what feels right for you.

Try to personalize your readings to get specific answers

Tarot 101’s author, Kim Huggens, says that it is important that you are confident when doing your readings, and knowing your favorite ways of shuffling, dealing, and forming a spread makes you more confident and adds to your individual reading style. As reflected above in the first minute of a Tarot reading, it is clear that every Tarot reader is different and has his, her or they own style of reading. This is up to the reader’s personality, the kind of readings they do, whom they read for, and a varied mixture of their beliefs about the Tarot. 

Huggens also says that, your own style of reading is likely to develop over time, and it may also change drastically at some point to reflect a change in those you read for, your lifestyle, and more. Therefore it is important to remember that one’s reading style is an entirely personal choice, and there is no single right way of reading the cards. Your style of reading will also affect much more than how you shuffle, deal the cards, and cut the deck. 

Intuition and intention are important

Fairy Tale Tarot Deck

Set your intention for your reading before you begin. Focus on your question. You can write down the question, say it in your head, or say it out loud. Don’t assume anything. Try to put your mind and emotions in a neutral state. As you shuffle, arrange, and then lay out the cards, keep your attention on your question. Spend as much time as is necessary. 

An excellent way to develop your intuition and gain perspective on your life is to do your own tarot reading, but aware that you’ll just be confused if you keep asking the same question. Even though it wasn’t the response you desired to hear, the one that felt right to you is the correct answer. Trust your intuition. I’ve discovered that when you receive a harsh reading, it may be preferable to ask the cards for guidance on how to approach and ultimately resolve the issue rather than repeatedly pulling clarifiers. I suggest that you try to control your emotions, be cool, and center yourself before doing tarot readings. 

Post Scriptum

Huggens says that it is often said that one should not or cannot read for oneself. Some have translated this as meaning it is bad luck to do so, and thus many beginners are stuck for a means of practicing readings: you are your own best guinea pig. Actually practicing is the greatest method to learn tarot. Work with the cards, shuffle them, look at them, and think about what you see in them. What does the artwork tell you, what does it make you think about? Knowing the Fool’s Journey and all the varied aspects of the cards can help you to understand the wisdom and symbolism behind them. So, make your plan, set your intentions, pose your questions, note your responses, and then wait for real-world solutions. When you make a mistake, do not worry. You will undoubtedly do it, but the more often you do it, the more proficient you will get. 

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