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How to set the right new year intetions with tarot and astrology?

Happy new year! Although we’re two-thirds into January, welcome to the first blog post of the year. With the Baroque Tarot Deck Kickstarter Campaign coming to a grand finale today, we now return to regular esoteric education and resources for all of you. Today we will discuss how to setup new year intentions.

But can I just say: wow! Thank you everyone who supported our second La Muci Kickstarter. After a third one it’ll be a solidified tradition, no doubt with more and more to come because you give me the confidence and feedback to keep providing you with quality, resonating design for your divination practices.

New Year, New Journey

January will soon be nearing an end, and already some of us are looking back at our new year promises with either assurance or a little guilt. Some of us didn’t even make any resolutions because we’re not sure what to ask for or work on, and some might make resolutions that are not in alignment with their spiritual path.

In this post, I will share with you a simple, fail-proof formula to design your new year intentions with the use of numerology, western astrology, and the Chinese zodiac!

use tarot cards to set your new year intentions

Every year can be assigned a Major Arcana card.

The theory for setting up your new year intentions

First, take the numbers of the year and add them together. Let’s take 2001 for example. 2+0+0+1 gives us 3, and in the Major Arcana, it gives us the High Priestess. Sometimes, the year might have other numbers hidden in it. For instance, you might see 2001 as 20 and 01, representing Judgement and the Fool. Here, I say lay your options in front of you and see what resonates the most. The card of the year gives you the challenge or focus skill that will be in use a lot that year.

Then, look into the Chinese zodiac of the year. The lunar calendar usually begins by February with a new moon. Think of the January gap as a ‘preparation’ month. I like to think of the Chinese zodiac as my mentor for the year! The zodiac animals can also have either wood, fire, earth, metal, or water elements attached to it. You can now explore in which ways these signs are different and similar to yours, to highlight what kind of energies you wish to borrow from their influence this year.

 You can meditate on this at any time of the year.

To start with, if we add 2022 together, we get 6. Thus, the card of the year is The Lovers, astrologically tied to Gemini. The Lovers card indicates a year where our love gets challenged, for others, for ourselves, the things we do.This also indicates the divine being closer to us, giving us their support. To highlight this, two important dates will happen in February: 2/2/22 and 22/2/22, giving us the angel numbers 2222 and 22222.

You can research them separately, but it’s a sure sign that Guidance has got your back, a message to have faith and, especially, a message of removing all that holds you back and confidently progressing on your path. This is also why I’ve been doing a lot of spirit-work research lately, especially for the Baroque Tarot Deck, the guidebook of which is focused on working with your Guidance.

In fact, 2/2/22 happens immediately the next day after the Chinese New Year, which brings us to the Year of the Tiger. A hero sign that speaks of strength, resilience and grace. The Tiger, along with Gemini’s nature of adaptability, change and duality, gives us the goal for this year: to transform and cultivate strength with all of your love.

A statue to remind you of your new year intentions

Surround yourself with reminders of your intention.

A year of growing Strength.

If you’ve spent 2021 cultivating love, then you’ve had a head-start already. Love requires a lot of trust, and in turn, you need to unconditionally trust yourself this year as you take charge of your life. The Tiger brings restlessness, like a wild cat pacing back and forth in a cage. It speaks of leaping forward and thinking later, listening to split-second instincts, being rebellious and even a little devilish, with the Devil card often being a mirror to the Lover’s card.

And because taking authority over your life and being more tiger-like as you build strength requires a lot of self-focus, the question of love, friendships, families and our relationship with ourselves will come into question continuously. On the other hand, it’s love from yourself, others and Guidance which can help you grow that strength. Since this is the year of the Water Tiger, this shows a duality of someone who is both a leader in their own life, while also being able to be gentle, graceful and inspiring to others.

2022 journal entry to be own hero

It’s best if your intention is simple and formed as an affirmation that you repeat all year!

Your best crystals for the year are rose quartz and tiger eye, especially blue tiger eye. And when I think of tiger-eye, I think of the solar-plexus chakra. By working on and balancing my solar plexus chakra, I can continuously grow my confidence and strength throughout the year – among many other magick and self-improvement techniques that I can do to grow confidence, discipline and strength.

The final reason why this is a year to grow strength… is because 2023, the future year, will add up its numbers to 7, which in tarot is the Strength card! And it represents the sign Leo. Knowing that this will be the area of your growth or challenges in the near future is especially why we need to practice, cultivate and collect strength starting today!

How I am using this knowledge to set my new year intentions

2022 I told myself: I am going to be more tiger-like! I wish to be my own personal hero, be sharp, decisive and take leadership over my time. I will build physical strength and balance my solar plexus chakra with yoga and affirmation meditation. I will even more incorporate magick into my life to feel empowered. I will practice more grace and a go-getter attitude with the things I say, do or even wear. Like a crazy villain, I want to be  not just passionate, but cartoonishly obsessed with my projects!

And of course, use your practices to make plans on how to manifest!

Notice that with my new year intentions I don’t give myself an end goal, but only wish to mindfully work on these elements whenever I can. I do track myself with journaling. I have a table where I write down what I did that day, and I tick a box whether or not that is me embracing the tiger, or not. The more ticks I start giving myself throughout the months, the more I know I’m on the right track. Even if it’s something like spending thirty extra minutes in the morning styling my hair and choosing a business-like outfit with nowhere particular to go, but feeling graceful: that’s a tick for me, because that’s a strength of will over laziness!

I hope this will help you see more patterns in the universe as you explore these symbolisms and find inspiration for self-improvement. If you want to share your new year intentions you can leave them in the comments below. And, of course, have an enlightening year ahead!


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