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Me, La Muci, and You – Mini-Manifesto

I’d like to first send gratitude to all of you who support my Kickstarters tarot deck, the store and talk to me on social media. It’s been an incredible journey that brought me to this point, and none of it would be possible without you. As a new moon approaches, I’d like to dedicate this week to reflect and illuminate where I came from and where I’m heading with La Muci, starting with this little manifesto or purpose.


La Muci Design is a lockdown child. With schools out yours-truly, an ex-arts teacher, put all my love into design and manifested my contribution to the spiritual world of self-care and self-exploration. During, pardon the trademark phrase, such uncertain times, ‘clarifying uncertainty’ became a driving force for my vision. As well as my cat!

‘Muci’ is how I called my furry companion; a sweet, playful, energetic one. He’s not around these days, but anyone who has lived with cats knows the difference it makes having them around. They make a home feel relaxed and peaceful. Cats are arguably the most popular familiars and spiritual guardians, revered as energetically and spiritually enlightened animals.

They are respected for their deep sense of independence and are admired for their ability to rest and relax contentedly without a care in the world. If that’s not self-love and self-care, I don’t know what is! These graceful creatures spread wisdom, peace and sense of mystery by their meditative presence. Their divine knowing can be sensed and intuitively picked up by humans. They are here to show us how to exist in the moment and how to physically move with stealth, balance and mindfulness.

This is their healing gift to us as humans if we choose to listen. I, too, strive to listen to your feedback and craft with deep love and care, the kind of love and care I hope you feel when connecting with my provisions and in turn give yourself.

An orange cat on green fabric


Divination tools invite a lot of creative and critical thinking, self-analysis and awareness into our lives. Much like writing prompts for journaling or theories of psychology used by therapists, the archetypes and tropes of cards, thoughtfulness of rituals and meanings of other tools give us means of expressing what we think and feel. It’s both a starting point template as well as a language to broaden our understanding and exploration. I believe all we need is already within us, and by accessing that inner wisdom we can make better personal decisions to improve our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. 


Big dreams, little me. I feel I needed guidance at this moment, so a big-picture tarot spread feels right. I pull out three cards; the first to visualize my and the boutique’s purpose, the second for the future, and the third for advice. I shared the actual spread on Instagram; here’s the clean manifesto:

tarot deck - death, nine of pentacles, the hanged man
Fantome Tarot Deck

Death, metamorphosis, rebirth. La Muci really did transform my life, and as a major phase in my life is ending, I must focus my energy on what is ahead of me. I believe it also encapsulates the boutique’s core purpose – helping others shed skin, make a better self, change transform.

What entrepreneur wouldn’t be  thrilled from drawing the Nine of Pentacles, featuring a self-sufficient and independent woman — and the only early ‘fulfilled’ manifestation of self-actualization before a Ten. It seems I will be able to continue manifesting  with comfort. As I will bear the fruits, I  will look back and celebrate the struggles and hard work that lined my path. Knowing how difficult it was to get here, I intend to enjoy every single day that is given to me.

But there are advice and sacrifices that I need to make in order to progress forward. We take a step back from Death (13) to the Hanged Man (12), as if to say I mustn’t forget where I come from. The Hanged Man is in a humbled position. He has his head near the ground, he is grounded and ‘listening’. I shouldn’t get my self-manifestation get the best of me and move on forward ding more of what I did — listening to you, the people I do this for! His naturally ‘reversed’ symbolizes my strong ‘inward’ feel of this spiritual path. As I walk on this path I must stay true and genuine to my calling and to all of you.

And I just happen to be working improving yours and mine communication:


Many things are in flux right now as I am testing waters with new communication channels, and you can definitely expect my social medias to get more active and experimental. I made a story for short reference on what my intentions with my three main platforms are and pinned in on my Instagram.

Thank you for being here, whether it’s in the now or in the future! La Muci really is an extension of me, I take care of it as I would care for myself. I hope you feel the love with each post, design, product.

Love, Esra

La Muci Design communication channels

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