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The Silver Eye journal is the perfect companion to the Dark Reflections tarot deck. Crafted with the intention of capturing what your mind will reveal when you practice shadow work. Decipher meanings, recognize personal symbols, and recurring themes, decode messages and integrate found wisdom into earthly life.
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Importance of journaling - The purpose of shadow work is to bring the shadow self into conscious awareness. Shadow working journaling is one of the best ways to accomplish this. We have the ability to access the mind and reveal different facets of the shadow that you might be unaware of. Writing down your ideas and feelings can help you shift your perspective and see the situation from a different angle.

You can organize your journal as you want. You might want to use classic lined pages, you might want to use dotted pages, you might want to use specific templates ... all is possible with binder rings.

You might find yourself pondering a question during your journaling. If you want to get a quick answer there's a pendulum board design on the back of the journal. Just flip the journal over and grab your favorite pendulum. Focus on your question and let the pendulum board show you the answer.

About the journal:

* Case size when laid out open is 375 mm (~14.7 inches) x 235 mm (~9.3 inches)
* A5 size of paper insets - 148 x 210 mm or (~5.8 x 8.3 inches)
* The case is made out of vegan leather embossed with a custom pattern and stamped with silver foil to create a unique journaling experience.
* Two internal pockets on each side for storing accessories.
* Paper inserts are secured with 6 binder rings for maximum stability.
* Comes with 60 pages, but can contain a maximum of 120 pages.
* Pen holder on the side.


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