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Fairy Tale Tarot Deck - PREORDER

Fairy Tale Tarot Deck - PREORDER


The Fairy Tale Tarot Deck invites you to seek out your own “happily ever after.”

PLEASE NOTE: This is a PREORDER tarot deck. It will be shipped end of August.

This unique 78 card deck transports us to a timeless storybook fantasy built within the Rider-Waite tarot tradition.

See yourself in the characters, lose yourself in their stories, and go on an adventure of self-reflection to uncover hopes, dreams, talents, and desires.

About the deck:

☀ 78 CARDS
☀ 2.75 x 4.75" cards (70x120mm)
☀ 350 gsm Professional (rounded corners)
☀ Lid bottom Box

This edition will have a digital guidebook.