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Raw Amethyst Crystal Clusters

Raw Amethyst Crystal Clusters


Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that’s associated with strengthening intuition, psychic abilities, visioning, and spiritual development. You’ll find a lot of tarot readers will keep this stone in their reading space. Carrying or wearing amethyst can help you better tap into your intuition.

"In the spiritual world, Amethyst provided a connection to the Divine."

Amethyst's inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments and creates a protective shield of Light around the body.

It’s also a gorgeous crystal! Just having it in the reading area can feel calming for both readers and clients. It also helps promote healing around emotional balance and better sleep. Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.

*Size: About 40mm x 60 mm

*Origin: Brazil & Uruguay

*A Grade


This listing is for a single high-grade Amethyst cluster. The clusters are all of a similar size and will be somewhere between 40-60 mm.

Every crystal is a unique one-off piece, therefore the size, shape, and color will vary*All of my crystals have been cleaned, cleared and saged!