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Small Business Saturday Bundle - Professional Divination Starter Kit

Small Business Saturday Bundle - Professional Divination Starter Kit



Whether you're only beginning on your solopreneur journey or have already been doing this for a while, the Professional Divination Starter Kit enriches your and your clients' experience. It's a beautifully matching, black-and-gold, mystical aesthetic for a great first impression. Learning a variety of tools and using them together benefits the clarity of your divination, for you and the client.

The kit includes a full set of cartomancy:

  • The Âme Tarot Deck, perfect for spiritual readings - view product.
  • Rêveuse Lenormand, perfect for physical-world readings - view product.
  • La Muci Oracle Cards, perfect for guided messages - view product.

Maintenance goodies are also included, such as:

  • A cleansing kit with white sage and palo santo to clear energies between clients, ensuring an accurate reading for them and a fresh channel for you.
  • Citrine crystal, great for regaining your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance - view product.
  • Skull altar cloth for a clean, focused professional reading surface. The skull is a symbol of new beginnings and a totem of protection - view product.
  • A cotton tarot bag for storing your cards with crystals and cleansing tools to recharge them.
  • The Magick Box you receive your delivery in is a perfect storage for it all!

To give back to the community I'm offering this bundle worth 149 EUR for only 99 EUR!

Do I need all these things to start?

While many start out with nothing more than a single deck of tarot, separating personal tools from professional tools is important for maintaining their neutral stance when receiving unbiased guidance and interpreting. Fashioning for yourself a sort of 'divinating persona' can also help protect your energy and not be affected by the energies of others, which is why it’s more than just ‘putting on an act’. More so, aesthetics help both you and the querent focus, benefitting the channeling process.

This kit is a limited edition bundle for Small Business Saturday.

I wish to empower solopreneur tarot readers by putting together a discounted bundle for those of you who wish to dive into tarot-reading for a living or side-hustle.


    BUNDLE VALUE: 149 EUR (~169 USD)

    BUNDLE PRICE: 99 EUR (~112 USD)

    All you need to kickstart your tarot practice!