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Spiritual Self Care For Your Soul Health

What is spiritual self-care? How do you maintain spiritual self-care? How do you spiritually nurture yourself? We will look these answers in this article. But first, i want to say that meeting with tarot world and designing your own tarot spread is one of the best ideas of spiritual self-care. And, i am definately passionate about it!

When it comes to talk about spiritual self-care tools, Tarot reading is one of the first options that come to mind.

How do you take care of yourself spiritually?

I often talk about soul healthand spiritual self-care in my blog posts. In Benefits of Tarot we talk about healing, taking time and space for yourself and problem solving.

In Explaining Tarot to Others we discussed how Tarot can be therapeutic, meditative, and an extension of your beliefs. Not to mention Tarot reading can be both creative and logical.

Even in my Manifesto I spoke about envisioning my boutique as a nurturing provider of spiritual self-care goods for those seeking to channel their inner wisdoms, aligning out lives with intentions, self-love, critical thinking, self-analysis, presence and awareness.

Lately I focused a lot on the self-expression side of this, especially in Choosing Your First Deck, wherein I call: yes, you can embrace spirituality and express in fashionable, aesthetical ways.

However, I’ve mostly been beating around the bush, yet to dive in to the deeper mission and intensions I have for the spiritual self-care goods I provide, and the reasons I do so. And that is clarifying the scary uncertainties and enriching the spiritually poor in this modern world of ‘too much’.

What Is Spiritual Self-Care?

We’ve all had those hard times.

A state of existence overrun by pessimism, sadness, anxieties about the future and a state of helplessness. These times and the conditions that got us here will always pass, but in the moment we become shortsighted, lacking a sense of direction, seeking a reason, meaning or purpose.

More often than not, this state is when many readers first become drawn Tarot or begin their Tarot journey.

When I talk about a world of ‘too much’, I am actually borrowing the words of Tony Crabbe, the author of Busy. It’s a great book for beginning to recognize the symptoms. He talks about ‘busyness’, a modern day illness wherein there are much more possibilities, responsibilities, options and content than a single human being could ever take on or consume within one lifetime.

As a society we are not used to all this excessiveness, and often it feels like we’re supposed to know how to handle it all, and should be taking it all in. There is a deep sense of insecurity embedded there. A lack of fulfillment, an inexplicable void we created and are thus trying to fill. As the saying goes, “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” Spiritual self care is one of the medicines and tools we can use to treat these symptoms.

Why Is Spiritual Self-Care Important?

Most of you who already follow La Muci Design and other spiritual boutiques are already an active member of the esoteric community.

In other words, you are already on the path towards continuous self-rediscovery, growth, learning and listening keenly to yourself and the universe around you. You have the tools, methods and mindset towards soul-care.

But what I realize is that those who need me most are those who are just beyond my reach; searching, feeling that poverty of the soul, but not quite sure where and how to start looking for the light, or at least begin figuring themselves out.

It’s quite the ambition and a long path to take, but I strive for La Muci to become synonymous with soul-care, and expand my spiritual self- care goods as well as how I do things in that direction.

Take Care of Your Spirit

I truly believe cartomancies like Tarot, Lenormand, Oracles and even non-divination daily affirmations, along with other spiritual practices, can be taken as a means of soul-care. Helping us manifest and visualize our thoughts, ask ourselves questions we don’t consciously think about on a daily basis, check-in with ourselves and think with clarity and intention.

Most importantly, Tarot reading is a powerful ally in taking control of our thoughts, conscience and life. Because when you feel present in the moment and are able to, even if for a moment, see things clearly and give yourself credit, you gain a spiritual kind of confidence to walk though this scary, noisy world with grace, harmony and tranquility — much like a cat!

What is spiritual self-care to you? What are your thoughts on the concept of soul-care. Is providing accessible information and goods really enough to facilitate that? You can always reply to me on in the comments or on Twitter!


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