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Which Tarot Cards Represent The Zodiac Signs?

No time for an introduction, this is a big post! Here’s your one place for all the tarot cards that represent zodiac signs and their cosmic elements. Here’s how this works. First comes the main Major Arcana card representing the zodiac. Then, there are three minor arcana cards representing the three decans of a sign according to planetary alignments. You can check your decan online by searching for a decan wheel! You might even share some of these attributes if your planets fall on these signs. Finally, the most relatable court card will merely be mentioned.

Take note, Pages always represents the signs’ element as a whole, so only Knights, Queens and Kings will appear.

Be aware that some of these abstracts might seem too one-dimensional, more negative, or more optimistic, but do not look at these as de facto representations of these signs. These are just the innate, core elements underlying these signs that differentiate the pure zodiac, merely cosmic or subconscious skeleton upon which the real us are built upon! Now, let’s quickly and briefly go over the twelve zodiacs in order.

tarot card representing Aries


Tarot cards that represent Aries are The Emperor, Two of Wands, Three of Wands, and Four of Wands.

The Emperor

As the first sign of the zodiac, this card represents Aries’ strong drive towards leadership. Sometimes impulsive, other times aggressive, they live without fear and are their own bosses. They live in chaos and take control of it. They’re an unstoppable, war-like force to be reckoned with!

Two of Wands

Mars in Aries. This sign is extremely entrepreneurial. This card speaks to their drive towards living the life they want, and knowing what they want! They’re fast to jump into intuitive decisions, eyes always set on the life they desire, aggressively so!

Three of Wands

Sun in Aries. This card represents Aries’ living-large attitude, always wanting more, expanding their horizons. This also talks of their adventuring nature, dreams of overseas, making money from online businesses, or being in a highly important job that requires lots of charm and communication. They also talk a lot!

Four of Wands

Venus in Aries. All this is not to say that Aries are non-commital. They’ve a strong desire for community, being the life of the party and networking. They’re quick to jump into romance, fall in love quickly, and can be very bold. They want to be among other free-spirited dare-devils.

Court card representing Aries is Queen of Wands.

tarot card representing Taurus


Tarot cards that represent Taurus are The Hierophant, Five of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, and Seven of Pentacles.

The Hierophant

Role models, abiding by rules, living for pleasure and securing their living. This card represents Taurus as a sign of professionalism and intellect. It also speaks to their high opinion of themselves, secretly believing everyone should be just like them.

Five of Pentacles

Mercury in Taurus. Beneath the confident facade, Taurus are worried about money and security all the time. They make long term plans and weigh their every decision meticulously to ensure it pays off without consequences. Also this tarot card represents Taurus’ extremism between high morals, yet poor emotional intelligence when it comes to being empathetic; a sort of spiritual poverty blanketed by high values.

Six of Pentacles

Moon in Taurus. Somehow, some way, Taurus get what they want. There’s a subconscious know-how when it comes to manifesting! Additionally, Tauruses function much better within family or romantic partnerships, as they’re fueled by and use what they receive from them! Controversy though, the giving can often be one-sided and unintentionally selfish.

Seven of Pentacles

Saturn in Taurus. This card represents Taurus’ eternal learning. Studious and always self-developing, they reach their goals and comforts and immediately make new plans for the next thing. This card also represents humility on the outside, but ambition on the inside.

Court card representing Taurus is Knight of Pentacles.

tarot card representing Gemini


Tarot cards that represent Gemini are The Lovers, Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, and Ten of Swords.

The Lovers

Gemini, on first impression, will either bore you with their stillness or shock you with their extremes. Gemini represents the duality of humanity, and so this card represents Gemini’s communication, humour and wholesomeness, while also being open-minded towards all kinds of stimuli and ideas. With chameleon-like powers, Gemini are great at mirroring, as much as blending in with the background.

Eight of Swords

Jupiter in Gemini. This versatile thinking can also bring much existential crisis to the seemingly laid-back Gemini. Everything appears to be ‘figured out’ and obvious to them, boredly so. They take everything seriously, but to an exhaustive point, and would much better distract themselves with fantastical hypotheticals and entertainment.

Nine of Swords

Mars in Gemini. The previous factors might inspire certain decans to live risky, fast-paced lives. They often live as if in theatre, creating situations to dwell on later. This can include self-sabotage or creating drama that will keep them up at nights, masochistically so, but at least life is exciting.

Ten of Swords

Sun in Gemini. In the end, everything always works out victorious for Gemini. There isn’t a place low or dark enough that they can’t, optimistically so, come out of. More often than not, they can talk themselves out of anything. This card represents Gemini holding the world at the tip of their tongues.

Court card representing Gemini is King of Air.

tarot card representing Cancer


Tarot cards that represent Cancer are The Chariot, Two of Cups, Three of Cups and Four of Cups.

The Chariot

A highly emotional sign, this card represents Cancer taking reigns and taming, controlling, directing their strong emotions. The shell of the crab is the armour of the chariot. There’s a strong hero drive that makes them the most familial sign, taking care of those important to them. They’re also quite the travellers!

Two of Cups

Venus in Cancer. All they want is love and understanding. They’re loyal friends, caring siblings and children, defensive parents and dedicated partners. Too often, however, they attract energy vampires or the wrong kind of people who take advantage of their big hearts.

Three of Cups

Mercury in Cancer. In a social environment, Cancerians can be bad at taking criticism, hate gossip, take things personally and are sensitive to bad vibes. They’d rather be alone than in bad company, but crave companionship more than anything, because they want to be someone’s hero, not their own.

Four of Cups

Moon in Cancer. This card represents Cancer contemplative nature. When left alone with their thoughts, they might get depressed thinking of where they want to be and why they aren’t there yet, or miss their loved ones, wondering if they’re ‘winning’ in life. They’ve a hard shell, but are very sensitive in private.

Court card representing Cancer is Queen of Cups.

tarot card representing Leo


Tarot cards that represent Leo are Strength, Five of Wands, Six of Wands, and Seven of Wands.


Much like a lion, this sign is known for tough love. They’re very possessive of their close ones, their pride, and have an urge to control everything to the point of idealism. It’s the beast they have to tame, for Leo are actually great care-takers who spoil their lovers and children, love giving gifts and throwing parties.

Five of Wands

Saturn in Leo. This card represents Leo’s drive to standing out and being unique! They’re not the best team-workers and are very independent.

Six of Wands

Jupiter in Leo. They’re captivating like a flame and warm like the sun, charismatic speakers and performers. It’s not all opposition, for Leos leave an impression and are generally popular! Even introverted Leos who don’t crave much attention try to live like royalty.

Seven of Wands

Mars in Leo. They attack, they defend. This card represents Leo’s strong opinions and argumentative nature. They avoid showing weakness or ‘imperfection’ by all means and are actually very insecure. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is often Leo’s lesson, because once they get what they want too easily, they’re displeased by the undeserving lack of hunt. They will also fight for their family and loved ones and won’t let anyone harm them!

Court card representing Leo is Knight of Wands.

tarot card representing Virgo


Tarot cards that represent VIrgo are The Hermit, Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles.


This card represents Virgo’s independence, outward modesty and internal drive to paint one’s worth through deeds towards others. Also, The Hermit card represents Virgo’s non-emotional thinking and sharp perception skills.

Eight of Pentacles

Sun in Virgo. This card represents Virgo’s high attention to detail, image, and extremely practical skills that allow them to get by in life easily and smoothly. They shape who they are through the eyes of others, regardless of physical truths.

Nine of Pentacles

Venus in Virgo. People are their means to a comfortable, easy and luxurious life. On one hand, this can mean manipulation and riding off other people. On the other hand, this denotes their self-made nature and the ease at which they can make a living for themselves, and they sure do love comfort!

Ten of Pentacles

Mercury in VIrgo. This card represents Virgo’s servitude to others. On the negative, they might be too selective of whom they serve and whom they neglect. If they have other’s recognition, it was all worth it. It also speaks to their ability to use words wisely and their long term thinking.

Court card representing Virgo is King of Pentacles.

tarot card representing Libra


Tarot cards that represent Libra are Justice, Two of Swords, Three of Swords and Four of Swords.


Peaceful, frank, connected individuals who love being with people, enjoy diplomacy, open-mindedness and harmony. Naturally, this card represents Libra! Also represented by Athena, they are attracted to all things beautiful and artistic.

Two of Swords

Moon in Libra. Ironically, when they find themselves as a mediator, choosing sides can be very difficult for them because of their strong empathy and understanding of all points of view. They often choose not to have any judgement of their own. This either results in a still life, or being thrown from one extreme to the other.

Three of Swords

Saturn in Libra. Too often, their strong sense of fairness and unavoidable interventions can leave them as the ‘bad guy’ of a situation, or make others feel as though they were disloyal to them. This card represents Libra’s core value: honesty over sweet lies, which often comes with a bitter price. Even if it hurts everyone, truth is always ‘good’.

Four of Swords

Jupiter in Libra. Balanced perspectives and harmonious living are a Libra’s true wish, and more often than not the luck of Jupiter is on their side. A good rest and solitude is something they value, to recharge before Justice’s next challenges.

Court card representing Libra Queen of Swords.

tarot card representing Scorpio


Tarot cards that represent Scorpio are Death, Five of Cups, Six of Cups and Seven of Cups


This card represents Scorpio’s never-ending transformation. They are very aware of the lessons they learn and live in an inner chaos that nobody else sees. They can be very different throughout their lives and change in a day, so long as the changes align with their innermost core.

Five of Cups

Mars in Scorpio. A deeply feeling sign, and this card represents Scorpio’s intricate ability to feel darker shades of emotions is like an art form. They can be pessimistic about the world, but go about it in an optimistic sort of way, ‘armed’ by knowing that the world is dark and cruel. On the one hand, this card represents Scorpio’s darker side of keeping grudges and never forgetting the people who’ve betrayed, used or lied to them, as their loyalty doesn’t come easily.

Six of Cups

Sun in Scorpio. Scorpios are also extremely nostalgic, reminiscing about what could have been or what was. Contrary to the last card, Scorpios can be some of the most playful and even child-like people you’ll meet. They’re not naive, but have a sort of innocence about them. They ride the dark waves and appreciate the little bright things all the more.

Seven of Cups

Venus in Scorpio. This card represents Scorpio’s high standards and indecisiveness when it comes to committing their time and energy to something. It also represents their imagination, which, paired with empathy can make them the most understanding people who just ‘know’ you. They remain misunderstood because they might choose to live in a fantasy rather than in reality.

Court card representing Scorpio is Knight of Cups.

tarot card representing Sagittarius


Tarot cards that represent Sagittarius are Temperance, Eight of Wands, Nine of Wands, and Ten of Wands


A card of experiencing things, getting one’s life together, prioritising well-being, optimism and travelling. This card represents Sagittarius’ repeating to do list in life!

Eight of Wands

Mercury in Sagittarius. This fast-paced card represents Sagittarius’ fast mind, fast tongue, quick decisions, quick change of hearts, and readiness to just ‘go’! They also fall out of love with things, places and jobs quickly, needing frequent change.

Nine of Wands

Moon in Sagittarius. This card represents Sagittarius’ boundaries. Their life is full of many acquaintances with few commitments over smothering, anchoring close ones. They’re a true definition of a hermit-cosmopolitan.

Ten of Wands

Saturn in Sagittarius. Earnest workers, lovers of new skills and knowledge, Sagittarius can often bite more than they can chew. Their keen interest and excitement for many things often leaves them accidentally with too many things to take with them, facing a choice between settling and leaving it all behind to keep on moving.

Court card representing Sagittarius is King of Wands.

tarot card representing Capricorn


Tarot cards that represent Capricorn are The Devil, Two of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles and Four of Pentacles.

The Devil

This zodiac is often their own worst enemy and obstacle. They hold themselves in high standards, but are inquisitive about life’s toxic experiences. They’ll want relationships, but sabotage romantic attempts. They have ambition towards a goal, but find ways to procrastinate. They’re highly intelligent, but are underestimated in social environments due to putting up a public persona.

Two of Pentacles

Jupiter in Capricorn. Determined and hardworking when it comes to their personal long-term goals and passions, this card represents Capricorn’s ability to keep pushing where others would have given up. Of course, when boredom or other priorities come around they absolutely abandon the plan, but only temporarily, always coming back to the big picture.

Three of Pentacles

Mars in Capricorn. This zodiac is not a team worker, but the only way to progress in life is by asking help or working with others, even if only to keep them accountable. They’ve the stubbornness and drive to climb a mountain, but often lack the strategy and need others to help direct them.

Four of Pentacles

Sun in Capricorn. This card represents Capricorn’s material side. Living the money-making and money-spending life is about them, though they often slap themselves for the latter because the long term drive to financial success is halted by their own poor decisions.

Court card representing Capricorn is Queen of Pentacles.

tarot card representing Aquarius


Tarot cards that represent Aquarius are The Star, Five of Swords, Six of Swords and Seven of Swords.

The Star

Awakening, change, innovation; this card represents Aquarius’ inventiveness and search for a new way of doing things, shaping themselves and their lives towards a dream.

Five of Swords

Venus in Aquarius. This card represents Aquarius’ rebellious spirit. They have strong opinions on society, relationships and life in general, and think differently from the public ‘norms’.

Six of Swords

Mercury in Aquarius. This card represents Aquarius’ problem solving skills. With grounded, logical and objective thinking, they focus on what is rather than hypotheticals and can work their way from their current predicaments to the lives they want and don’t dwell on problems long.

Seven of Swords

Moon in Aquarius. With a distinct style and personality, this zodiac is often the odd ones out of a crowd. They have great potential within them and know it, always seeking for shortcuts or highways to unleash their creative thinking and make a living off of it.

Court card representing Aquarius is Knight of Sword.

tarot card representing Pisces


Tarot cards that represent Pisces are The Moon, Eight of Cups, Nine of Cups and Ten of Cups.

The Moon

Perhaps the most psychic, perhaps the most paranoid, this card represents Pisces’ chaotic inner word hiding behind still waters. Highly creative and sensitive individuals, they can be bad at taking care of themselves because they’re too busy taking care of others, are tired, submissive or dependent.

Eight of Cups

Saturn in Pisces. This card represents Pisces’ values of humanity and virtue. The negatives of the world can really weigh them down, a sense of escapism living in the back of their heads. They’re in continuous search for their place and purpose in the world.

Nine of Cups

Jupiter in Pisces. This card represents Pisces’ innate compassion for and connection with the world. Questions of life, the universe and everything aside, they wouldn’t call themselves ‘unhappy’, always finding a way to be content with and be grateful for what they have, no matter how messy things might get!

Ten of Cups

Mars in Pisces. This zodiac is on a lifelong journey towards happiness. They’re hopeless romantics, but sometimes what they want doesn’t align with their expectations. In an aggressive attempt to spare their ideals and/or illusions from being muddied, they might never start on this journey.

Court card representing Pisces is King of Cups.

Post Scriptum

I hope this is a helpful tarot resource for using astrology in your readings. You should know that the Baroque Tarot Deck’s Guidebook includes the astrological associations for each card, if only as another reason to get the deck if you’ve already been interested in it.

Do you want tarot cards and zodiac type content? Would you like me to dive into court cards in more detail? I’m always happy to hear of your needs and deliver the best I can.


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