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Why do I keep getting the same tarot card(s)?

Okay, let’s start by telling a short story that happened to me some time ago. Readings seemed to be constantly trying to tell me the same things over and over again. Whenever I do a tarot reading, I would get the “Justice” card. When I wasn’t pulling it out, the Justice card would pop out of the deck. In fact, one day I asked my friend to do a tarot reading for me and the “Justice” card came out again. Readings were telling me something, but what was that? As time passed, I understood what the “Justice” card meant. The card was telling me that one day everything would be balanced and I shouldn’t worry about it. I think, the Justice card said that the universe will provide justice in its own way (and it did!).

If you’ve been using tarot cards for a while, you might have experienced the situation of constantly getting the same tarot card(s). You might not pay attention to this situation at the beginning of your tarot journey. Later, getting the same cards over and over can confuse you. To explain this situation and make it easier for you to interpret the cards, we can mention a few important points:

1) Pay attention to the symbols

Did you draw the same card again? Don’t be afraid! Please take a look at the card and pay attention to the symbols on it. Is there a symbol that will particularly catch your attention? A symbol that you come across often in your life or that has a meaning for you? Like the bull on the World card, the lion on the Strength card, or the black cat on the Queen of Wands card. Read the meanings of the symbols. You can also read the meanings of the numbers on the cards. You can check out the numerology as well.

2) Don’t Ask the Same Questions

My mistake was asking the same questions repeatedly. I thought I would get different answers to the same questions, but I would always get the Justice card again and again. I recommend asking different questions and drawing a clarifier card where you think you can’t get a proper answer. Remember, that’s what the clarifier cards are for! 

3) Trust Your Intuition

Now, close your eyes and interpret what the card wants to tell you with the help of your intuition. What are you feeling right now? How does the card(s) make you feel? Even though you read the meaning of the card, you think that you couldn’t get an answer to the question you asked. Maybe the cards are just trying to tell you whether to take action, not to do anything, or to do something else. For example, the Nine of Swords may be trying to tell you that you are overthinking about the situation, that you are worrying too much, and that you just need to let it go.

4) Let it Go for a While

One of the biggest mistakes is to keep asking the same questions even though you get the same tarot cards. Give yourself and your tarot cards time. Considering that you are not getting the required message, the tarot will pop out the same cards even if you ask questions on completely different subjects. At that point, we can say that the tarot deck is teasing us and we need to get away from readings a little bit. Get away from the tarot readings. Cleanse your cards and yourself too. We shared how you can cleanse your cards in this article.

Post Scriptum

Listen carefully to the messages of the tarot. Close your eyes, trust your intuition, and don’t stick to books and literal meanings. Try to combine tarot with your authentic self. If you still think you don’t understand, get away from the tarot. Don’t be stubborn! Know that you will understand the messages given to you when you are available to understand them. And be aware that you don’t have to be a professional tarot reader for getting the message. 

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