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Why To Choose Fantome: Multidimensional Tarot Deck and Guidebook


Hello, my dear reader. If you are interested in tarot reading, a new and different tarot deck must be getting you excited too.

As I said before in A Modern Tarot Deck: Fantome By Lamuci, I’m currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

In this campaing I’m raising the funds for a very special tarot deck which I named Fantôme. Besides the beautiful imagery, this new tarot deck also comes with something I never offered before – a multidimensional tarot guidebook in the form of an AR app.

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk more about why I decided to offer something like this next to the deck.

I Offer You A New and Unique Experience With This New Tarot Deck

While Fantôme does include a printed tarot guidebook, I want to do something more. By the way, if you are a beginner in tarot reading, tarot guidebooks will come in handy indeed.

The opportunities offered by this new tarot deck and my campaign are not limited to this. Because I wanted to offer you a new experience.

I want to open a new dimension for you. I decided to do this through an Augmented Reality (AR) app about my new tarot deck.

AR allows you to visualize digital objects in real environments and thus offers a richer experience for new tarot readers – one that I could not hope to provide through a printed tarot guidebook.

It’s a new interactive multidimensional way to learn about tarot reading. I believe Fantôme’s AR tarot guidebook app elevates the beauty of the cards as well as pushes the idea of merging the reality which we live in and the expansive more energetic reality of Tarot.

I want to help you make the tarot more interesting for the people around you

I know that, professional tarot readers don’t really need such a special interactive tarot guidebook, nor do they need a printed one. That said, I still believe that the multidimensional AR tarot guidebook app will be of use to you too.

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to share your love for 78-tarot cards with the people around you. Maybe with your partners, children, or parents. With the AR app you’ll be able to amaze them with the symbolism behind each tarot card.

We are visual creatures so what can be better than seeing the iconography and symbolism floating in space above each card of a tarot deck. I hope that the app and the tarot guidebook will offer you a chance to connect with your close ones around something you love.

And by doing so, I hope they will be able to understand and appreciate what tarot means to you and me.

I needed more flexibility with the design the option to continuously improve it

Finally, I wanted more flexibility when designing this tarot guidebook experience. I love reading, touching and smelling books … but books are static items that are hard to improve once they are printed.

Through the tarot reading app, I have the opportunity to continuously improve your tarot guidebook experience and also add new features. If something is not explained well enough, I can expand on it.

If I dream up something new for you, I can add it. If there is something I want to make for myself, I can share it with you as well. What I’m trying to say here is that the tarot reading app allows me to provide you with more value long after I ship out all the items from this Kickstarter campaign for tarot reading beginners.

I can add to it as long as it is needed.

Final thoughts about my new tarot deck

The inspiration for the tarot card imagery is based on the classic illustrations of the Rider Waite tarot deck drawn by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909.

Based on the fact that Rider Waite is one of the most popular tarot decks out there today I’m sure that many of you are quite familiar with its card symbolism.

For more Professional tarot readers, tarot reading app is an additional perk that comes with the tarot deck.

For beginner tarot readers, I’m hoping it will be a new interactive way to learn about tarot reading. And I hope that for all, it will be a way to introduce tarot cards to everyone around you in a fun and exciting way.

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