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Can anyone learn to read tarot and successfully give an accurate reading?

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

Is there a future in reading tarot? What is the answer to can anyone learn to read tarot? The short answer is yes, absolutely anyone can learn to read tarot. However, it is not as simple as just learning the meanings of the cards. The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are already on the right path in your journey to become a professional tarot reader.

Learning to read tarot

The best way to start learning tarot is learn a bit about tarot's history. Then try to study the cards. Start learning the major cards, then go for the minor cards. Start learning different spreads and how and when to use them. Also learn how to ask the right questions. The most important point is to formulate objective and logical questions, the most clear question, the most clear answer you will get.

Don’t allow many people to touch your tarot deck, different energies would give confuse answers, only you should touch it. keep your tarot deck inside a wood box or black pocket.

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There are not many secrets of learning it, buy a simple tarot book, so that you can learn the basic meaning of cards. You can also use the internet. Keep searching. Don’t worry, after some time, you’ll feel familiar to cards and even find your favourite and least liked one. You can also check out this post about useful tips for new readers.

Accuracy of tarot readings

In the hands of a good reader tarot cards are quite accurate. In the hands of a shyster it would be hit or miss depending on what they want from you. In the hands of an amature it would also be hit and miss depending on their level of study and knowledge beforehand and what methods they are learning.

Pay close attention to what the preson who's doing the reading says and do not tell them much. You have the sense to match what they say to what you personally know about your own life so you can weigh their words pretty well against that. A good reader is going to be able to point out things about your past and where you might be in the present fairly well. If they can do that then you know the possible outcomes of things or what would most likely happen with the choices you have are going to be fair.

I would, however, suggest being wary of anyone offering a reading then turning around and telling you that you might be cursed or have someone after you and for several hundred dollars they can remove it for you… definite shyster no matter how on point the rest of the reading could be.

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