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How To Cleanse Your Tarot Card?

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

Do you take a shower every day? Brush your teeth every day? Sometimes even few times, right? Change socks and underwear? You like to be clean, huh? 😊 Well, so do your tarot cards. I believe they do deserve we talk a bit about how to cleanse them. They are a part of you, aren't they?

Cleansing and clearing your tarot deck can mean a variety of things. Some people say to “clear” the cards mean you intentionally neutralize them. Just like when you have a problem with computer and you call an expert and they say: »Did you restart it?«. Well, this is what you have to do with your cards. Try to rebooting them back to factory settings and clear any personalized files stored in it.

To “cleanse” tarot cards can mean something a bit different. Not only you neutralize your cards but also remove distracting, heavy or negative, energies. The distinction is a minor one, and some people do mistakes all the time. Well, not mistakes. There is no mistakes in life. Maybe wrong decision? Not really. Ok, doesn't matter.

For me, clearing the cards is a matter of neutralizing the energy from the past. Cleansing cards is just like cleansing your soul. Your spirit. Yourself, in a way. Deep self-cleaning.

To cleanse tarot cards means to actually take additional measures to really clean out the energy. And don't forget, once you reboot them, you have to fill them with energy again. Positive, of course. Some would call that step blessing them.

Moon Bath

As we are just in the full moon day, first thing you should do is the full moon bath. You can also do just a regular any moon phase bath. Will work as well. But today is the best time to let go of old energy within ourselves and any items in our possession. Therefore, the full moon is a perfect source to clear and cleanse your tarot cards. Place your cards in your window or (if the weather allows it) outside in the moonlight. It is preferable, if you can put the cards down on ground, so they are touching the earth, as the moon is so strongly connected to it. You can do the same with your crystals. And – again – don't forget, that the Full Moon can also be used for charging your cards. This involves wrapping them in a secure cloth bag (you can use mine) and sleeping with them under your pillow for three nights starting with the next Full Moon.

Knock - knock

Take your cards and fan them out in one hand. Gently start to blow on the cards. One breath will normally do. Now, make one neat pile of the cards and knock on top of the deck. Your cards are now cleansed of old energy and ready for their next reading.

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Put clear quartz on top of your tarot deck when you’re not using it. It’s as simple as that! You may also set your deck on or between crystals that draw out negative energies to cleanse and recharge your tarot cards. This is actually one of the most handy methods, as it’s simple and I love to work with crystals. Specially during the full moon! Who needs Netflix – I have the Full Moon, my Tarot deck and Crystals. Beside clear quartz you can use Amethyst or Selenite. They also have cleansing properties. Your birthstone can also be a powerful tool.

Salty as …

Some readers use salt as a purifier. If you want to try out this method to cleanse tarot cards, first wrap your card tightly in a bag. Then take an airtight container with salt that is big enough for your cards. Place your cards in the container and make sure they’re surrounded with salt on all sides. And when I say all, I mean it everywhere. Just like a slice of bread when you put Nutella on it. Everywhere! Leave the cards in the container for few days. If you are going to use this method, try to put cards in one of my cloth bags to protect them. It is really easy to damage them, specially now during the humid months.

Back to nature smell

You can also use local cleansing herbs. Dried sage, Palo Santo … Naah, I know, not local. But you can also use local sourced herbs, like rosemary and lavender. Burning any of the herbs, you can pass your deck through the smoke to clear and cleanse it of past energies. Small tip - use the smudging method to charge your deck. Bay leaves are useful herb when it comes to divination, they’re meant to essentially ward off evil. Bookend your cards with the bay leaves and they should be safe from all the Halloween monsters who made you sage your whole house.


Tibetan singers

Just kidding. Tibetan singing bowls. These healing basins can help you strengthen your chakras, and improve your physical health. You can use them to cleanse tarot cards by placing my deck in the singing bowl, while playing it. It may disturb your cat, or just attract handsome neighbour.


Without tools, cleansing and clearing your tarot cards can be as simple as a prayer or visualization to erase any past energetic connection to the cards. Visualize a white light around the cards as you hold them with both hands. Meditate on them and visualize a wind blowing and that “clears away” any energies attached to your tarot cards. Next step is to visualize you are going deeper into the energy of the card deck and pulling away any imperfect, dense, heavy, or negative energies. You can try visualizing a deep scrubbing or deep cleaning.


I know, it is Full Moon fault, but still, try not to forget how to do it. It is really necessary to clear the energies and recharge your cards just as you need to clear and recharge your phone, headphones, computer, or even a power bank.

Don't forget: The Sun sees your body. The Moon sees your soul.

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