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Tarot: 2,000 Years of Wisdom

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

It's no secret that we're interested in tarot — but why? For those who haven't heard of it, the tarot is a centuries-old divination tool that reads the past, present, and future. The cards are designed to give people insight into their current situation and future events and to help them plan ahead. It's a game of chance at its core, but it can be read as a metaphor for life more broadly.

Getting started with tarot

There are more than 8,000 decks of tarot cards in the world today, so it can be difficult to choose which one to start with. There are many different styles of tarot cards, and some of the most popular include the Rider-Waite deck, the Thoth deck, the Celtic cross, and the Mephistophelean deck. While there are many different types of tarot cards, their primary purpose is to provide meaning and guidance for the reader. Imagine taking a look at the following cards and beginning to consciously enter their meanings.

Some people choose the Rider-Waite tarot deck because it’s a simple deck and they’re able to easily connect with its message. Others take a look at the Celtic cross tarot, because they like its simplicity but more importantly, its versification. For them, the high-level meaning is that they can move through life more harmoniously, finding wisdom in the figures of the tarot. Others will start with the Marseilles tarot because it provides more mythological and spiritual significance.

If you’ve started with a simple deck, the next step is to look through the meanings to see if there are any patterns or recurring themes. In order to effectively connect with the tarot deck, you must first see it within your own conceptual framework. Don’t jump right in with the meanings, as best case scenario you will see the effects immediately without building up a solid foundation.

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In other words, start with just a few of the cards. When you remember your cultural context and your own personal experiences, you will have a better understanding of how the cards you’re reading are meant to influence your reality. When you’re done, make sure you take the time to look closely at the different tarot influences that you can find.

Tarot is a tool for divination

Tarot cards are a tool for divination and not fortune-telling. When you think about a tarot reading, it’s a way for a professional to help you see the patterns in how your life is unfolding. Tarot is a tool for self-discovery and not for fortune-telling.

I was never really great at reading tarot cards, nor am I very good at trying to learn. I enjoy the patterns within the cards and their interpretations. Ultimately though, tarot cards and the seven wonders of the world is a visual medium. Love and money cards, protection and prosperity, passion and love, all of that imagery is visual and isn’t just verbal. So my words can’t really cut it when it comes to writing. But I can make guesses.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Tarot spreads are designed to help you navigate the present and future

Tarot cards have been used for thousands of years as a way to predict the future and read the present. There are a lot of different ways that tarot cards can be used to help you navigate the present and future. One of the most popular ways is to use tarot spreads.

Many readings take place across multiple tarot spreads and each spread has a specific purpose to help you be more well-read, insightful, and well-equipped to navigate the world in more intelligent ways. 

One of the most common spreads is the three-card spread which represents your past, present, and future. The three cards are about deducing the meaning of the cards based on what has happened in your past, what you’re currently doing, and how you’re going to move forward.

You can take control of your life with tarot readings

I love tarot readings because they’re the perfect way to take control of your life. Tarot readings are a great way to use a little bit of magic to help you find clarity and direction in your life. The cards are a great way to get a glimpse of your future without having to do any sort of complicated calculations.

I’ve been using a personal journal where I share my experiences, thoughts, random musings, inspiration, and all sorts of randomness in my own little tarot universe. A big reason why I started this was to gain more clarity on the things that are bothering me. And after a few months, I’ve already learned a lot about myself through this medium.


We all want to be successful, and tarot can offer us a deep understanding of our inner world in order to approach life's challenges with confidence. Tarot cards have been used for centuries to aid fortunetelling, guide people through difficult times and use them to predict the future. Chances are you already have a few decks in your home or workspace. Try them out, keep a journal and see how your life changes.

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