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Tarot by the Moon: Beginner-friendly soul-care spreads for the New Moon and Full Moon.

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Living by the moon is a powerful practice that prompts us to dedicate space and time to check in with ourselves. While any new habit is a challenge to make into a routine, moon-care for your soul-care is short, sweet and intuitive as it's based on two concepts: growth and release.

Life can get busy, time flies, and it's easy to lose sight of our commitments, progress, plans and especially the little things that are important to us. This is why taking time twice a month on a New Moon as she starts to grow, and on a Full Moon as she wanes to clear space for new things, can help us track and recognize how we're feeling, where we are and what we need to do more, less or differently to manifest a harmonious life.

And what better and quicker way to summarize and store these personal meditations than with the visual language of cartomancy! This post is a quick-and-dirty guide to Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle spreads for a Full and New Moon, which you can use in your soul-care routine. I also made you a free mobile-friendly pdf that you can download at the end of the post, with love. 

New Moon Spreads

Although literature and media romanticize the Full Moon a lot, it's the New Moon most of us esoteric practitioners are excited about. As the name suggests, it's a moon of new projects, new beginnings, or a new cycle. This doesn't mean you need to have a life-changing fresh start every month; it merely means you are ready to actively work on improving your self, your life, your environment, or your regular soul-care routine.

Oracle Draw

A single affirmation card is a simple way to start harnessing New Moon energies for growth and development. Repeat it as a mantra and keep it in mind as an internal compass for your journal prompts, thoughts, speech and actions for the next to weeks. You are actively manifesting the message into reality.

La Muci - Mindful Meditation


You can find this graphic in the free guide too.

Focused Actions

This Tarot spread we ask both how you can maintain or take care of your inner peace and spiritual health, while also developing a physical area of your life. Since waning and waxing moons last about two weeks, not only is it a realistic commitment to upkeep, but also a practical one. A lot can be done in the long term when you work on it two weeks at a time.

La Muci - A Quick Check-in

More intricate new moon tarot spreads in the free guide.

Concise and Succinct

Lenormand can depict people, places and situations with a direct and to the  point language. As such, if you're a more impatient cartomancer or would like a more detailed advice, try a Lenormand Matrix next new moon.

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La Muci - Growth Hack Matix

This is the Lumière Lenormand Deck :)

Full Moon Spreads

The Full Moon is the culmination and climax of the past two weeks as she grew. Now as the moon wanes, the energy that's been collected needs to be released. It's the natural ebb and flow, just as the moon pushes and pulls the tides. To balance our energies and actions, these spreads focus on clearing up space, emptying what's full and releasing.

Unblocking Energies.

Another way to continue contributing to your wellbeing and plans is by removing obstacles and cleaning out stale energies to make space for new energies. Soon as you release something, the universe rushes to fill that vacuum.

La Muci - Unblock Me

More intricate new moon tarot spreads in the free guide. 


Sometimes we don't have anything particular to release. In these cases, you might want to work on an old story that needs resolve. Perhaps a previous trouble is retuning and you want guidance on how to protect yourself from it again. Otherwise, there's always something we could do less of to give ourselves more love. Start with a pair of Lenormands for a simple advice to scrub your soul, as part of your regular soul-care routine.

La Muci soul-care spread - soul-scrubbing

  Lenormand doesn't typically have spreads, but I like a challenge.

Note on Designing Moon Spreads

When improvising your own spreads, remember to focus the questions and flow of cards towards actionable-points. You don't just want a confirmation or insight on whatever's been going on lately. You want guidance as to what you could do about it and how to best utilize the waning and waxing moon for a two-week commitment to self-care. Even if the topic is something more mental than physical, it's called a 'proof of word' when you solidify your thoughts with actions. Ask the cards how you can do that!

You can read more about creating your own spreads on my blog!


This post feature five out of eleven moon spreads in my free mobile-friendly pdf that you can glance on your phone while reading. The beginner-friendly moon readings guide also includes more soul-care spreads of the heavier kind, such as:

  • A Hard Pill to Swallow
  • Lessons Learned
  • Not My Challenge

Get all eleven beginner moon spreads for the Full Moon and New Moon by clicking the download link below:



I would love to create more for you in the long run. I'm open to requests and ideas! You can always comment or message me on Instagram, reply to the blog post or even tweetI hope you find these helpful. As always, sending lots of love!

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