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Using Tarot and Lenormand together + spreads!

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

Divination tools like cartomancy are a lot like a coding language. We know what we wish to achieve, be it solving a problem, getting one point in our life to the next, or gaining clarity over a situation. We send out a message to the universe, out guides or our higher subconscious self, and through the symbols of cards we receive encoded messages that are up to us to interpret.

Much like coding, or physical tools like hammers and drills if you may, each language or tool has its strengths and conveniences. Ergo, we can only benefit from using multiple divination tools in a single reading to interpret our messages with a much clarity as we can! In this blog post, I want to share with you a few spreads I created that use both Tarot and Lenormand cards, highlighting their respective strengths along the way.

But first, theory!

In my first ever Lenormand post, I told you what Lenormand is and how it compares to Tarot. It’s worth a read, but here’s a summary for now:

Tarot is a lot more spiritual and gets its information from energies, focused more on how things feel or what they represent on the grand scheme of our spiritual journey. The cards paint a narrative, and each card individually, depending on the question, can give us a thematic answer.

Lenormand, on the other hand, is a lot more physical and get their information from facts, focused on what actually goes on, which is great for a direct reading about the nearest future like Runes, but highly dependent on the current static ‘facts’ rather than dynamic energies. We interpret them in combination with other cards to build a highly specific sentence rather than a narrative.

With that in mind, let’s look at the spreads, and I’ll explain my theory behind them.

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Tarot + Lenormand Spreads

A spread of Lenormand and Tarot cards

'Things I want to do' Lenormand and Tarot Spread.

A quick reading for impatient people who want to do a yes or no spread, or want to make a conscious decision about what they ought to do next with their time. The theory behind this first spread that Tarot is much better at portraying our inner world, while Lenormand is better at telling us about our surrounding world. So I sometimes use Tarot to represent my wishes, higher concepts or how things feel, while using Lenormand to represent how it manifests itself.

A spread of Lenormand and Tarot cards

'I've got a feeling' Lenormand and Tarot Spread.

Building further on the idea of Lenormand representing the direct and obvious and Tarot representing the deeper and spiritual. The other theory is that Tarot can tell us about the mental resolutions or changes that we need to make, whereas Lenormand could signify the how to actually go about something.

A spread of Lenormand and Tarot cards

'Career, education and current life purpose' Lenormand and Tarot Spread.

Bear with me, I know things just got 'a lot', but it's not complex at all. I designed this spread with students, graduates, and the mid-twenty, -thirties, -forties and so forth life-crisis-enduring people in Mind. If you wish a new job, training, or even entire career change or a new degree – or heck, feel like you want to change your lifestyle, travel, find your purpose again – then this spread is for you!

The first three cards are just checking in with whatever is the higher energy influencing your life right now, which will help you identify your physical 'what to do' better in relation to what you 'should' be doing. Because I don't believe in there being just 'the one' thing for us, I go with two options — but you can have as many options as you feel you need! Try to interpret 4 and 6 as an industry, subject or a specific job. You can help your three higher purpose cards to narrow that down.

The five Lenormand cards ask 'how do I go about changing my job / getting to this option / finding my first steps'? You can look at it as a step by step plan, or as a single narrative event that will begin the snowballing of these things!

Post Scriptum

Having six Lenormand designs so far, and having been making them available for you for so long, I've been redirecting you guys to other sources of education about Lenormand. This month of September I dedicated to creating a series of crash course blog posts about the art of Lenormand to fill in that demand gap. And now, finally, I've the first edition of my La Muci Lenormand Guidebook!

Download the Free Lenormand Guidebook!

This first edition contains the explanation and keywords for each card, with a convenient index page that allows you to jump to your desired card, and a return button to return to the index just as instantly, saving you all that scrolling and searching time! In a future second edition I promise to have all the combined meanings as well, but for now — take the keywords that resonate the most from each card and combine them, creating unique and oddly specific answers.


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