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La Muci's Multidimensional Guidebook App


La Muci's Tarot app is a companion app for the Fantôme tarot deck. You are able to get the app on Android's Google Play or Apple's App Store. You can use the buttons below get to the app's listings. The app does require a modern device to properly display all the assets. You can check the list of supported devices here - Android or iOS devices. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is the first version of the app. While we did our best to thoroughly test the app, there might be some hidden issues somewhere. If you come across an issue please use this form to report it at

Click on the button below to download for Android.

Click on the button below to download for iOS.


Besides a printed guidebook Fantôme Tarot Deck also comes with a beautifully designed multidimensional guidebook app. This augmented reality (AR) guidebook elevates the beauty of the card as well as pushes the idea of merging the reality which we live in and the expansive more energetic reality of Tarot. The guidebook app will allow you to learn more about tarot and individual tarot card meanings. The app will also help you see other things - from popular card spreads to hidden design gems. The technology behind it is based on augmented reality and it provides a one-of-a-kind experience.