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A practice that can help you on this journey is Shadow work. To make this an exciting new experience I created the Dark Reflections Tarot Deck which was designed with shadow work in mind.

Shadow work is designed to help you integrate and accept every single part of yourself so that you can live and thrive with more clarity and authenticity. It takes courage to be curious about the opposite of the "positive" traits that we are used to showing. Tarot cards are a useful tool to help us explore our "negative" traits. Remember, there are no "good" or "bad" tarot cards, but each tarot card has positive and negative aspects.

These negative aspects and representations show the shadow side of the tarot cards. Being aware of the negative aspects will help you learn from your experiences and discover what abilities you have.

About the cards:

*The size of the cards is 70 mm (~2.75 inches) wide and 120 mm (~4.75 inches) tall.
*The deck will consist of the full 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, broken into four suits of wands, cups, pentacles, and swords.
*The card material is a tick 350-gram art paper with CMYK printing on both sides.
*The cards are protected by matte lamination that feels great in your hands.
*On the back of the cards, there is a pattern created with spot UV varnish.
*The cards also have a beautiful holographic gilded edge.

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Just Deck, Dark DELUXE – Silk Cloth + Velvet Bag

15 reviews for Dark Reflections Tarot Deck

  1. Lisa from Mythical Witchery

    I just received my Dark Reflections deck and OHMYGOD, it is every bit as good as I hoped and MORE. You will not be disappointed in this. I have uploaded an unboxing on my YT channel with a full flip-through and review to come soon, but not sure if I can link it here or not <3

  2. Kris

    I participated in the kickstarter and purchased the top tier (pretty sure!) of support which included the deck, velvet bag, silk cloth, and many other goodies. This deck is absolutely gorgeous! I just opened it a day ago and can’t wait to start going through the readings and performing shadow work.
    I have a video on my YouTube channel for the unboxing, located here: https://youtu.be/H_iqTi9SlCY

    Really appreciate all the work that has gone into this deck! It’s obviously a labor of love. <3 Thank you!

  3. Jean Chaney

    Outstanding! I knew it would be good, but I found it more that what I could have even imagined. The card stock is thick yet shuffleable and has a a nice texture. The images are dark and meaningful against starry skies. The box is sturdy with a magnetic closing flap. The matching notebook will be my favorite forever as, with rings, pages are replaceable. I am just in awe.

  4. Callie Taylor

    I have been highly anticipating this deck since I backed it, and I am beyond thrilled! The universe delivered it earlier than tracking estimated, and I’m so grateful as the deck arrived yesterday, on my birthday! I made sure to go through! The deck is beautiful, I love both the box and the tin, the beautiful edges, imagery on each card and most of all the attention to detail aligned to shadow work! This is a fabulous deck, I’m highly satisfied! I’ve been a shadow worker for years and this is my the first deck I feel really aligns with shadow work completely. Thank you creator!

  5. Elizabeth Rosado

    This is a dark deck yet so beautiful depicted. I don’t know why but I got very emotional and felt it’s energy wow this is my strongest deck ever. The card stock are just amazing. You really need to possess yourself if your going to do shadow work because this one is powerful. I’m very satisfied with the artist work it’s a masterpiece.

  6. Ro

    Got this through the Kickstarter and it is beautiful. I love the artwork – a bit morbid and grotesque in style and beautifully done. The card back looks black until you catch the light just right to see the broken glass design. It’s got a really nice and subtle black holographic edging to it. The cards aren’t too thick to shuffle, and they have a nice durable feel to them. The booklet the deck comes with is really great if you’re new to shadow work – each card comes with questions to ponder after readings and the card meanings were laid out in a very easy to understand way.
    This was probably the smoothest Kickstarter I’ve backed yet, shipping and delivery (overseas no less!) was quick and I got notification while it was en route. Just a great experience and a great deck all around.

  7. Jenni

    I just received my cards and shadows notebook. I am so giddy, and absolutely LOVE them!!!
    They are more beautiful in person 😍 I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase and I am sure you will be as well.

  8. Christie H.

    My deck just arrived, and I am floored by it. It has such beautiful and dark imagery. So glad I backed this on Kickstarter. I feel an instant connection to the deck and can’t wait to dive in with it. While not necessary, I’d love to see an in depth book with further description of imagery and cards . Even though I also enjoy intuitive reading. I just can’t say enough good things about it.
    If your on the fence, just do it. You won’t regret it.

  9. Dina Lask

    I have been waiting for this deck since I backed it on Kickstarter. I had never backed anything before but something about this deck just resonated with me. I had been having trouble with doing shadow work with the usual RWS type decks so this deck was just the right one at the right time. I received it a few days ago and it is even better than I thought it would be. The art and images of the dark side of each card is powerful and beautiful, just like our dark side can be hiding beautiful unknown gifts. The lwb is very informative and gives you the traditional meaning of the card as well as the shadow meaning and gives you questions to ask yourself. All in all, I love this deck and I am so glad I was able to see it come to life via Kickstarter. The cardstock is good and smooth, I riffle shuffle so the edging/gilding on the side has tiny specks of white on a few cards but that’s mostly my small hands. You will not be sorry you got this deck, it is a must for anyone who uses tarot in shadow work.

  10. Arriana Fox

    I purchased this deck through the Kickstarter program and got the full package deal so it had amazing items within it, but this deck is just WOWSA ! it is a serious deck despite my excitement over it and it is very well done and made of quality materials. I am very happy with this and suggest that if you are considering this just say YES now and enjoy it as you will truly find it magnificent !!

  11. Hannah

    This deck is unbelievably gorgeous. The art is beautiful, the cards are high quality, and the communication from the business was the best I’ve ever had on Kickstarter. I would absolutely recommend anything from this designer in a heartbeat. The guidebook that came with it is also wonderful with a full page dedicated to each card. It even shipped to the US super quickly! I’m absolutely blown away by this entire experience and I look forward to patronizing La Muci in the future.

  12. Lisa Reaney

    This is an outstanding deck! I have done a complete flip-through and review on my YouTube channel for those looking for a detailed look at what you get before ordering. I LOVE this deck! https://youtu.be/_uCeXfG3W2g

  13. Alexandra

    Beautiful deck and accessories. Stunning journal. The shadow work book is packed with so much great information and I can’t wait to get started using it but I had to come here to leave a review because this deck deserves it! I have accessories but the the deck alone is high quality and really feels and looks special. Great work thanks!

  14. Marianne Bergeron

    This is the deck for shadow work! Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

  15. David Kidd

    I have just received my Dark Reflections Deck and can only say I am absolutely delighted with it. The cards are beautiful and well made and as works of art, simply sing. More importantly though, how do they read? For me, these are as good a deck of Tarot cards as I have come across. I have a large collection of decks, including many rare and special decks but these give me something new. I read professionally and these will be one of my go-to decks. My first reading, for myself, was insightful and deep, very deep!. Thank you La Muci and thank you Esra for my new favourite deck. All Blessings to You

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