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Wisdom Oracle Deck

Wisdom Oracle Deck


The Wisdom Oracle, an original La Muci deck, consists of 15 cards featuring symbolic illustrations open to the reader's interpretation. It invites you to truly tap into your intuition and listen carefully to your inner voice. Your sixth sense will naturally whisper to you the right words as you let your eyes drift and become drawn to specific parts of the illustrations, weaving associations and channeling the higher message.

☀ 15 Card Deck
☀ 300 gsm Professional Smooth Card Stock
☀ Dimensions: 75cm X 125cm - x 49.2 in

The cards themselves are not magic… But rather they offer a mechanism for you to tune into the magic and Divine guidance within you.

The You are Magic Oracle is a 15 card oracle deck that can be used in conjunction with a tarot deck or can be used on its own.

Note: Guidebook not included. Intended to be used with your intuition.

I hope these cards will encourage, motivate, and inspire you to live your best life today, and every day!

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