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How to add gemstones to your soul-care routine.

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Gemstones and divination tools are natural partners. With every store having a unique metaphysical property of its own, they're powerful tools on their own and in combination with your other tools. This blog post will cover gemstone basics, how to use them on their own and ideas on how to add them to your other practices.

Month of Alternative Divination Methods

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Gemstones for soul-care.

On their own, stones can already be used for meditation, emotional healing, manifesting, focus and similar mental exercises. Having a beaded crystal bracelet or carrying a tumbled gem around with you can be great for self-accountability if you've a particular goal you're working on. But first, let's talk about programming.

Tumbled rose quartz, palo santo and sage.

I've previously compared Tarot cards to coding language. Today I'm drawing a similar analogy with gemstones, but instead of talking about sending and receiving messages, we're talking about your inner programming. It's a lot like setting intentions and keeping up a successful mindfulness habit or remembering to check in with yourself before acting. Because every stone has its own set of associated properties, you want to choose a stone that fits your intentions.

For example, rose quartz is the best-known stone for healing, love and nurture. It has this motherly energy, with a soft pink colour that encourages you to be gentle with yourself and others. You could wear a rose quartz bracelet for accountability. That way when you're taking actions or actively thinking about something, you're reminded to check whether it's in alignment with your goal or acting against it. In addition, you might also want to surround yourself with its soft pink colour in the clothes you wear, items on your desk, bedding, anything!

Gemstones and tarot cards.

Let's say you were working through a breakup or trying to remove toxic people from your life. Or, on a positive note, you wish to feel more love in your daily life. A tumbled rose quartz is your best companion during Tarot or Lenormand readings, where you focus on relationships, healing, soul-care and self-love.

Some stones, like amethysts, enhance our psychic capabilities. That's why I chose our pendulums to be made from amethysts. This crystal has a cleansing and calming energy that lowers our anxieties, helps us focus and increases our self-worth. Such stones are generally great to channel through. Imagine the gemstones as a wifi antenna or a radio receiver that boosts your signal. A gemstones can also be placed on the table before you start shuffling or designing your spread to guide your questions, with the gemstone's properties being the focal theme of your reading. 

Raw amethyst cluster, on top of a Fairy Tale card.

You could also give gemstones to other people to hold if you're doing a reading for them. As they formulate their questions or ponder on the things you're saying during the reading, the crystal could help guide their thought patterns to help them better formulate their decisions, solutions and self-understanding in reply to your reading.

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Gemstones and pendulums.

If you have a pendulum and many gemstones in your possession already, you could do a circle of crystals. You might ask, "What kind of energy I could benefit from right now?" or "What energies are currently unbalanced in my life that requires my attention?". Wait for the pendulum to start moving towards a specific gem. If you read my post about pendulums, you also know we can use pendulums over reiki stones or gemstones associated with each of the seven chakras. This can help identify imbalanced or over-active chakras.

Gemstones next to a pendulum
 You can find all the crystals I provide so far here.


Combining them with meditation.

Last but not least is good old mediation and journaling. The act of clearing our minds, letting our thoughts come and go, unattached, wander loosely as we open ourselves up to receive channelled wisdom through the crystal in your hand. Whatever the stone's properties may be your best choice of topic. This also goes hand-in-hand with earlier mentioned chakras.

Sometimes when I've done several readings and moon manifesting and affirmations, although I feel like I have all the information, I still can't formulate a decision or answer. Perhaps I never truly let my mind rest, never took the free time to let the information and wisdom received brew. That's when I take a seat, sometimes in silence, and sometimes with a playlist I crafted for the occasion, pick the best gemstone for the topic, and meditate.

A hand holding gemstones

 Raw citrine cluster. I also have them tumbled.

I find that the best answers come to me when I allow my mind to go off-topic rather than always bring myself back to hard-focus on my issue, which is often a creative perspective that helps us see the answers. I let the crystal be my tuner, guiding me gently as I feed it information, like a computing processor. Once it compiles, the answer becomes, put intended, crystal clear!

Post Scriptum - Answer the call.

You might also feel drawn to a gem. You might have scrolled past one on Instagram or felt a particular pull to a specific crystal in a shop. You might mistake this for eye-candying, but if the gem hadn't caught your eye before - or, contrary, you do know the gem's properties well yet still feel drawn to it - then perhaps there is a message for you there. A lacking or desire that the gem associates itself with, and thus relates to you.

If you feel the urge to own a specific gem, go for it. Research all about it and see if you can identify with it was vital for you to hold on to it. I'd once felt drawn to a green Baltic amber - a necklace, in fact. I'd a lot of heartaches, and the stone could help with these aches. At one point, I realized that the stone had fallen off! But at that time, I was no longer thinking of heartache - in fact, love was in my life again. I answered the call, and the gem has served its situational purpose.

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