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Eco-Friendly Tarot Card Solutions?

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

With Environment June and No Plastic July, which is also Independent Retailer Month, these calls to awareness have — well, prompted me to become more aware of the social responsibilities of both the large printing industry, as well as all us small providers. So I call you and me to ponder, as new age spirituality becomes more accessible, in-demand and commercialized, how we can ensure highly nature-oriented practices don't in a twisted irony become harmful to said nature. We're forgetting to check in with the fact that we print on trees, mine the earth for crystals and burn paraffin candles instead of wax.

And so the research began. I actually found this awesome video that talks about some eco-friendly tarot decks out there and what makes them so:


Currently, I use easily-recyclable materials for La Muci Design's cards. I provide a digital tarot guidebook right here on our site that you can download as a pdf for decks where I have not included a printed booklet. I've several lesser-ink-use cards with a touch of that green-and-clean design, some examples being the Wisdom Oracle Deck, Magic Tarot Deck and Magic Lenormand Deck.

In the long run, I wonder if making more app- or technology-based projects similar to Fantôme could be a truly new-era, modern direction of magick and other practices. I can't envision it yet, but there's a whole new exciting techno-magick niche to explore.

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I've ecological linen pouches and all but one being free of plastic wrap. The Âme tarot deck is the exception due to a more premium design and touch, and it's something on the ever-growing to-do list to chat with the manufacturer about in the long run. I wonder what it would take to switch to vegetable-based ink, or find accredited  printing paper from proven ethical sources! Questions of manufacturers are complicated, lengthy and scary. Many tarot cards donate a percent of their earnings to organizations supporting rain forests, climate change indigenous networks, or the ocean and planet as a whole.

Someone from La Muci Design has visited the Fotografiska gallery and learned that no plastic of any kind is used when transporting photography exhibitions, only cardboard and a lot of scrap paper for packaging. Later these scraps and cardboards are donated to children's homes and schools for arts and crafts purposes. Some businesses are using popcorn instead of packaging foam in their shipments! 

I would love to hear what you think via Twitter; I wish to not only provide you with spiritual self-care tools, but also care for out planet! Do you know any other small new age retailers like myself who made interesting environmental decisions? Does any thought in particular from of what I mused about in this post get you particularly excited? While I might not be able to implement much change too soon, it's certainly an important goal to contribute to more sustainable spiritual goodies. 

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