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Tips for new Tarot card readers

Posted by Esra Dagtekin on

So you’ve finally done it! You’ve found your perfect set of tarot cards and are ready to become the best tarot card reader out there. You take out the cards from the deck, admire their beautiful artwork, and then… you realize there are quite a few cards here. You know some of them but the rest you aren’t too knowledgeable on. That is to be expected. There is so much to learn when it comes to tarot cards! At first glance it can seem very overwhelming – how are you supposed to know the meanings of all 78 tarot cards? Well never fear because this article is designed to make things a lot easier for you. Read the tips ahead to find out what it takes to become a brilliant tarot card reader!


Tarot card reading tip #1 - Connect with your cards

One of the most intimidating things about tarot cards is just how many there are. Having 78 cards staring at you can be pretty daunting. To become a good tarot card reader, it comes as no surprise that you have to know your cards. Does that mean you need to memorize every sentence of the little booklet that came with your deck? Absolutely not! Instead, work on associating each tarot card with certain themes. That way you’ll get to understand the cards on a deeper level. To really connect with your cards, make them something special. Put them in a special box or surround them with mystical crystals. Whatever you do, make the tarot cards uniquely yours.


Tarot card reading tip #2 - Look at a variety of guides

When it comes to interpreting each card, don’t get stuck in a one-dimensional plane. What that means is to explore the plethora of different guides out there. Looking at different explanations can widen your perspective and challenge you to think critically about the card in front of you. Rather than reciting one reader’s interpretation, you’ll now be pooling your knowledge to create a well-rounded reading. Resources can include books, websites, blogs, and videos.


Tarot card reading tip #3 - Leave room for your own interpretation

Reading around each card is a great thing to do when you are a new tarot card reader, but it’s also important to allow your instincts to guide you. Tarot cards are a wonderful tool to help grow your intuition and boost your spirituality. To create your own interpretations first study the details of the card. The artwork on each tarot card is not only beautiful but very symbolic too. There is a lot of information encoded onto each card. What is going on? What is the moral of the story? Now ask yourself how the tarot card makes you feel. Lean into that feeling and truly explore it. You can write down some key words or themes you connect with. You can then choose to look at a guide and see what similarities there are and what smaller details you have picked up on. Remember, becoming a tarot card reader is all about developing your own relationship and feeling for each tarot card.

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Tarot card reading tip #4 - Start small

With how exciting tarot card reading is, you might feel the urge to rush ahead and pull out a spread of 10 cards! However, that isn’t the best method to start with. Instead, try drawing a tarot card a day and really focus on it. You can ask the tarot card a question like, “What energy do I need today?” and then keep the card in your mind to actively manifest it in your life. Or you can ask, “What will I experience today?” and at the end of the day you can match up the day’s events to the tarot cards meaning. Over time you’ll have a bank of familiarity with each card that will help you to become a confident tarot card reader.


Tarot card reading tip #5 - Read for yourself first

A tarot card reader’s best client is themselves! Reading for yourself is incredibly powerful and will be very valuable for your self-development. It’s important to start off reading for yourself because you need practice in becoming fluent. You don’t want to have to be looking up meanings when you try to do someone else’s reading. Once you feel comfortable and confident around each card, you’ll be able to do readings for others that are accurate and specialized just for them.


Tarot card reading tip #6 - Be in the right frame of mind

For tarot cards to be meaningful, you must be in a calm state of mind. Being stressed or intoxicated can cloud the reading with negative energy. Feel free to do some meditation or yoga before you start a reading to ensure the energy is pure. Keep your mind clear and your intuition will be greatly heightened. It is also important to soften any expectations and simply go with the flow. 

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