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A New Tarot Deck From La Muci: The Baroque

With the successful shipment of our modern tarot deck Fantome Kickstarter and a satisfied, peaceful mind, knowing that all of my appreciated supporters are receiving their decks one by one, I am proud to announce my second Kickstarter campaign for one of the best tarot decks of recent times: The Baroque Tarot Deck!

As its name suggests, this modern tarot deck is inspired by the Baroque style movement that was at its peak in seventeenth and eighteenth century Europe. The most prominent aspect of Baroque is gold, lots and lots of gold.

With the producing of Âme and the La Muci Oracle Deck, at the time the card could only mimic gold with printed colors, for La Muci Design was just starting out. Now, we can finally deliver on a gorgeous, gold-foil design with our new tarot deck Baroque.

Our first Kickstarter, Fantôme, also drew its design inspiration from an art movement known as brutalist architecture. It gave Fantôme its geometrical visual, with a night atmosphere and illuminated light, depicting an enlightened, social utopia.

One could say it depicted the society we wish to move towards, as if receiving messages from that enlightened place outside of space and time that are beyond our daily struggles and obliviousness, but who had also been there once and now wish to offer their guidance.

Learn more about one of the best tarot decks of 2022: Visit The Baroque’s Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page Here*

* Make sure to click on “Notify me” on Kickstarter page to be notified when we launch!

Why To Buy The Baroque Tarot Deck?

The Baroque Tarot Deck, on the other hand, depicts our side of the story, the insufferable path towards that enlightenment and taking on that journey with love and understanding towards the challenges that come.

This modern tarot deck expresses and celebrates the divine, seeking salvation from the dark and the path from poverty of the soul to spiritual richness and fulfilment. As gold has been historically deemed the most valuable material for a long time, we can see it being used in Baroque excessively, hoping to measure even a fraction of the amount of love and gratitude humans can feel from and towards the divine.

The Baroque Tarot deck paints realism with very rough, brief strokes of a hand as if in a rush to catch the moment, or perhaps, by a hand that is distracted, impatient, inspired yet temperamental.

  • It differs from the Fairy Tale deck that calls us to look past our illusions, take conflict as character development and stay true to the plotlines and happily ever after that we write —
  • And it differs from Fantôme with its spiritual enlightenment. Baroque is simultaneously lighter and grimmer.

Whereas previous designs were dark but showing the light and colors of Tarot guidance Baroque acknowledges that most of our hardship happens in daylight, and is an eternal journey.

Soul-care With Tarot Reading

When it comes to soul-care, it’s important to acknowledge pain, lonesomeness and darkness. Acknowledgement and actively working through the hardship rather than denying the hardship are some of the steps towards healing.

Baroque tarot deck doesn’t sugarcoat. At the same time, the deck opens it’s arms to give you spiritual guidance, whether through your subconscious self, a spirit-guide, or forces above.

It has a certain cold and warmth to it, a ray of salvation and a prompt to celebrate and love the spiritual journey. We’re all just seeking peace, harmony, love and purpose at the end of it all, to pass our days in basking in warm golden light.

Properties of The Baroque Tarot Deck

The deck’s art style acknowledges how small we may be on the grand scale of things, while also celebrating that same grand scale of things and how it wishes to best for us, guide us, set us on our individual paths and lessons.

This modern tarot deck calls the user to care for their soul with much love, an open mind to learn their lessons and better themselves, and faith that all will unravel as it should.

I wish you to feel that divine love and forgiveness the universe has for you, feel that the world has got your back and us supporting you on your journey.

To learn more about our new tarot deck, th Kickstarter and support us, click on the link below. Make sure to click on “Notify me” on Kickstarter to be notified when I launch!

Visit Baroque’s Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page Here*

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