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How does he/she feel about me?

Here is the question that everyone is waiting for an answer to: How does he/she feel about me?

Love is one of the most basic emotions that has been written about and inspired people for thousands of years. Almost all stories have been using love as a theme since the beginning of human existence. Therefore, nowadays, most searched keywords on the internet are love or other things associated with love. Well, what distinguishes love from different topics and questions when it comes to tarot? I think the answer to this is; mystery, obsession, curiosity, and passion. People begin to wonder, with the sense of the unknown that love brings: What does he/she feel about me, and are my feelings mutual? Can tarot answer these questions that people wonder? Let’s talk about these:

What Tarot Can Tell You About Someone Else’s Feelings

There is no absolute truth when it comes to tarot. Instead, there are experiences, beliefs, and different perspectives. Each tarot reader gives you a different answer on what questions can and cannot be asked on tarot cards. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that tarot readings vary from person to person and are relative. This allows you to come up with an answer based on your experience over time. Of course, you should not forget that this answer is based on your personal experiences. I recommend that you keep in mind that your perspective on tarot readings may change over time. After all, it’s an ongoing journey. Some tarot readers say that tarot cannot answer questions about someone else’s feelings and some tarot readers say that different questions should be asked to get answers to this question. What tarot can tell you about someone else’s feelings is still a controversial topic in the tarot community.

Tarot Cards Which Indicate Love

one of cups, two of cups, three of cups

Which tarot cards represent a potential for love? When you ask this question, the answers you will likely get will be cards such as Two of CupsTen of CupsFour of WandsAce of Cups, and the Lovers. But, as we said before, it is possible to interpret all these cards in different ways. For example; Four of Wands represent celebration, being surrounded by your loved ones, and being happy about it. How should you interpret a tarot card that represents these meanings if you are in a platonic relationship? If I were you, I would ask tarot cards what this person is celebrating, what kind of relationship they are in, and how this relationship relates to me, and then I would draw a clarifier card from the deck.

One day, I wanted to consult tarot cards to find out how someone else feels about me. In response, the Hermit and Ten of Cups cards showed up. Later I understood what tarot cards meant. Tarot was telling me to seek true happiness and emotional fulfillment in myself, not in someone else. As a result of spending time with myself, going on an inner journey, and being alone, I would be able to reach the happiness I was looking for. I think the cards were right, and the situation I experienced had nothing to do with someone else’s feelings for me. As I said before, the answer to your question lies in trusting your intuition and being open-minded (at least trying to be!). Tarot cards that represent the potential of love may actually point to your personal happiness, not the potential of love. Keep that in mind.

Tarot Cards Which Indicate Lack or Absence of Love

In the Tarot community generally, Swords are said to be cold and emotionless, Wands to represent passion and sexuality, and Pentacles represent the material world and stability.It is true that Cups represent emotions, but this is also relative. For example, Four of cups indicate indifference, declining an offer, and indifference. Pulling Four of Cups may indicate that you are feeling unmotivated and self-absorbed. Let’s take a look at Ten of Swords now. If we are talking about emotions, Ten of Swords is, in my opinion, a much more emotional card than Four of Cups. It indicates betrayal, being stabbed in the back, being the victim, or a life-changing disaster. 

Two of Wands indicates someone torn between two parties, Nine of Pentacles indicates staying single, Seven of Swords indicate lies, betrayal, and deception, Four of Swords indicates sickness, stillness, and rejection. The meaning of all cards can vary from topic to topic, spread to spread, and the question you ask. In such cases, the card interpreted as the most emotionless may turn into the most emotional card.

A Tarot Spread For How Someone Feels About You

This spread can help you understand the energy surrounding the person you are asking the question, how this person feels and thinks about you, and what may shift for this person over time. You can draw three or more cards for each question and topic:

1) This person’s energy towards our relationship and me 

2) How does this person feel about me?

3) What does this person think about me?

4) What will be shifting?

You can write the questions in your mind on a piece of paper and pick a card for each question so you can create a personal tarot spread for yourself. Your questions should be at a level that you will not have difficulty interpreting when you take a look at the cards.


When it comes to love, as with everything else, there is a mystery in tarot. Tarot tells you what you need to know when it comes to someone else’s feelings; but just like in love, tarot wants you to use your intuition instead of sticking to the books. Energies can always change when it comes to tarot. The energy surrounding you is as important as the energy of the person you ask. If you think tarot doesn’t give you a direct answer, you can pull a clarifier card. If you continue to think you didn’t receive the message, try another time. 


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