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Discussion – 


When a Tarot Reading Makes No Sense

when tarot reading makes no sense

Have you ever lost connection with your cards? Many of us have experienced it at some point in our lives. It’s known as tarot burnout. It’s not good or bad; it’s just a typical sign of energy that is blocked, stalled, or stuck. Even though it is temporary, it is still annoying when it occurs. The ability to be creative, imaginative, and intuitive is sometimes simply diminished by a deck. You then get the impression that the connection has been lost. It isn’t really lost, but your spirit and mind might grow bored of the same symbols and seek out something new to challenge them. When doing a tarot reading on a specific topic over a period of days, the outcome or advice cards may say completely opposite things. Consider your connection to spirit instead of worrying about connecting to the cards if you’re not experiencing the reading’s natural flow. 

So how exactly can you deal with this?

Take a break for a little while

Our life’s circumstances can occasionally make us feel anxious and uncertain. We are not receiving clear answers from the people involved, so tarot may become a substitute for what we truly require, which is either clarity from the people in our lives or simply to let go of people, jobs, and situations that keep us in an insatiable state of curiosity. It’s not a good idea to read about anything for which you have a strong preference as to the answer because your desires or worries will interfere with your reading. Because there is an energy exchange taking place while doing a reading, tarot readings have a lot to do with spiritual energies in order to give answers. So, if someone’s energies are extremely tense, the reader will become tired and worn out. If you find yourself anxiously reading about the same subject over and over, it might be time to take a break. Just let it go for a while. Maybe it is not right for you.

Mindset is everything

Get out of the mindset of needing an immediate response and enter a very loose, relaxed, and meditative state. Take a respectful and reverent approach to this as well. We don’t always approach things in this manner for ourselves, making self-readings a little too casual and slapping cards down in a hurry. Don’t read your cards on a surface covered in leftover food from the previous night or surrounded by empty beer cans. Instead, make sure your table is clean and uncluttered before you begin the reading. If possible, you could also cover your surface with a tablecloth or spread cloth and decorate it with a statue or a vase of flowers. 

Cleanse your tarot deck

Fairy Tale Tarot Deck

Your cards might absorb the negative energy that is created by negative thoughts. The readings may contradict each other. It’s time to cleanse and recharge the cards if you feel they are heavy or your readings are not coming through clearly. Cleansing your tarot deck results in more accurate readings. Place a freshly purified crystal on top of your Tarot deck after using it. While you’re not using it, this will both clean and protect the deck. Some people keep a tiny crystal in their tarot wrap along with their deck at all times. You could also keep a special crystal pendulum just for Tarot readings, wrapping the string to keep the bag or container closed. Always smudge everything and clean your pendulum with salt water on a regular basis.

Use resources to explore new techniques

It’s possible that you’re getting the right cards and simply need to adopt a wider look. Take a closer look at the colors. Take a close look at the background, the specific details, and every other element of the cards. What do they have to say to you? What effect do they have on you? What impressions do you get from quickly looking at the cards? You can teach yourself tarot through studying. A tarot book will tell you about the physical dimensions of the cards, the art style, new spreads, or techniques. There is always something to learn with tarot, and that will never really stop.

Kim Huggens says while no single author’s work should be accepted as the only truth, reading a wide range of books on the subject makes you aware of the various perspectives and points of view available. This allows you to investigate all of your options, discover new possibilities that you might not have considered on your own, and develop your own understanding of the cards. What if you’re not a big reader, though? That’s fine: watch lots of films! Watch documentaries and news programs. Go to museums and galleries. The more you learn about the world around you, the better, no matter what media you use.

Tap into your intuition by using oracle cards

La Muci Oracle Deck

To me, oracle decks add a new perspective to a tarot reading. When I cannot understand or have difficulty interpreting tarot, I get help from oracle cards. Sometimes, not sticking to a single tarot deck can cause good results, and maybe it can remove the blockage. Some oracle cards say only one word, for example, “Believe”. Maybe reading that word can turn into a strong enough answer to remove all the question marks. When you read those words, pay more attention to what your own intuition is telling you this card means for your life rather than the book’s more detailed explanation of the card. I recommend you get help from oracle decks, especially for relationship readings.

Post Scriptum:

The cards can be wrong at times. Your readings of the cards can be inaccurate at times. Tarot is not always accurate; nothing is. If that doesn’t work, then just take a break until things calm down. While you’re taking a break, try reading some books on symbolism or something else that could help you comprehend your deck more fully. Establish a routine that suits you, but leave enough time between readings. Be resolute in yourself and see the results.

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