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Tarot Deck Interview Spread Ideas

Are you ready to meet your new deck with a easy tarot deck interview? La Muci is a good choice to start the tarot and spiritual world! You can find different and new tarot decks to buy and do tarot deck interview spreads. But, Why to interview a tarot deck?

Listen to your tarot deck’s language.

Do you know what to do with a new tarot deck?

We often feel the call for a new tarot deck, sometimes guilty of consumerism, other times unable to explain this urge. Whether you’re reading personally or professionally, it makes sense to feel this urge: because tarot is a language, different tarot decks can have a different visual cue to communicate to you subconscious. Many tarot readers have ‘a deck for every occasion’, intuitively feeling when to use which and why they got it in the first place. However, if you want to be completely sure of the what and the why, a simple deck interview spread can help you identify its traits as well as break the ice.

The first thing to do when you get a new tarot deck

Depending on whether you practise with Guidance or not, you will want to rephrase the questions to fit whatever you are channelling. You can also modify, add or remove questions for your own understanding, but the main points you want to know about this deck are its communication style, strengths, limits, purpose and optionally: which of your Guidances prefers this deck. Then, how to create an interview spread?

Deck interview spread featuring the Fantôme Tarot Deck.

Feel free to Pin or save the image above for a quick cheat. The above spread is shaped as a five tipped pentacle star, with one optional card in the centre, and Tarot Deck “Interview” Spread as below:

  1. What is this deck’s tone / voice / communication style?
  2. Which topic(s) this deck is strongest at showing.
  3. What are this deck’s communication limitations?
  4. Which of my characteristics will come most into play when working with this deck?
  5. How does this deck connect with my current purpose / happenings in my life?
  6. (Optional for Spirit Work) Which one of my Guidances best identifies with this deck?

The tarot deck interview spread

While there are many deck interviewing spreads out there, if you’re not sure how you could customise these spreads to be more personal, here are ideas for how to use your decks differently for tarot deck interview:


  1. If you practice spirit-work, assign different decks to different Guides.
  2. Separate them by different areas of life. For example, you might decide that Fantôme is better for making you entrepreneurial plans, but Fairytale is better for your love life.
  3. When someone wants you to do a reading for them, tell them to choose which deck they feel most ‘drawn’ to.
  4. Categorise them by ‘voice’. From decks which are very gentle and inspirational, to decks which communicate so straight it punches readers straight in the gut. That way, for example, when you know you need reassurance right now, you reach out for your ‘reassurance’ deck, which might be Baroque for you in this case.
  5. Assign different ‘periods’ to them, such as days of the week (eg. Monday), times of the year (eg. my Winter deck), or even astrological periods (for moons in water signs; for Pisces season).
  6. Meditate with them. Associate your decks with colours, animals, crystals, key words and even visions of the kinds of questions people might ask. Don’t be afraid  to get obscure!

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Post Scriptum

For beginners it’s crucial to understand: cards themselves don’t know the answers, and the deck is not its own entity whom you are asking guidance from. Remember to practice grounding and specify where your guidance is coming from for a more consistent, helpful and energetically healthy reading every time. Once you have decided your source of communication, you can ask about the deck.

There’s no right or wrong ‘feeling’ for which deck suits best for you. Have fun assigning your decks, and check out these other blog posts to learn more about working with tarot:

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