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Reading tarot about someone else

Tarot is a tool for clarifying uncertainties. We might be asked to read tarot for a friend! But more often than not, these uncertainties are directly connected to other people. It can be tempting to ask tarot about a person other than ourselves, whether for us or for other people asking. The thing is, the right way to read tarot about other people is with their direct consent, about them… When the querent’s questions involve other people, we first need to adopt a particular mindset and do it the productive, right way. This blog post is all about that: reading tarot about other people, with and without their consent.

The WRONG way of asking tarot about a person

Even if you or the client asks directly ‘how do they feel about me’, you might not get the result you’re expecting. We’re merely getting our own impressions of the matter, which can be based on wishful thinking. Trust me, every time in the past when I’ve read tarot about other people’s feelings have been misleading and merely a projection of my own impressions.

The person has their own guides and their own fate, we can’t expect our spirit guides or higher selves to have access to another person’s soul!

When a person allows us to read for them, they open that door up for us. This is why it’s hard to read for sceptics who said ‘yes, sure, do me’, but didn’t truly open themselves up. I can feel when people are still ‘blocking’ me, as my readings get noticeably murky and I can’t hear my intuition. This is why, we must understand things that are beyond our control, and remain beyond our control, with or without divination guidance. Rudely speaking, asking tarot about other people is trespassing and a self-harming mindset. We only have access where it is given.

Reading tarot for others

The RIGHT mindset when asking tarot about a person

The right way is not to make it ABOUT THEM! Tarot is a deeply personal experience. As such, we should rephrase all our actions to include us at all times. Make it ABOUT YOU (or the person you’re reading for). If your reading is going to include other people, here are better ways to ask productive questions:

  • Instead of: ‘How do they feel about me?’
  • Ask: ‘What value am I providing this person, how can I honour this connection?’
  • Instead of: ‘Are they my soulmate?’
  • Ask: ‘What lesson is this person here to teach me? How can this connection benefit me?’
  • Instead of: ‘Are they angry at me?’
  • Ask: ‘How can I mend the situation. What is my understanding of the situation/relationship versus the reality of it?’

Remember, it doesn’t matter what they think or feel. Everyone acts as is their time, readiness, level of maturity, and many other factors. Especially when it comes to romantic feelings. Even if they have a crush on you, it doesn’t mean you have to keep pushing! And even if you could ‘know’ for sure how they feel about you, trust me, if they wanted, could, or felt the call to pursue that feeling, they would. Most likely if they haven’t, they’re lacking the feeling or readiness to build something, and that can’t be forced. We must manage our feelings, health, and life balance ourselves and learn to do that in our own time.

Non-romantic relations are the same, whether asking about friends, a colleague or a stranger who hasn’t given you their direct consent. Tarot are a tool for self-improvement and a means of planning, learning about, and bettering our lives. Make it about you and your happiness, and treat everything as temporary.

Reading for other people about a third person

Explain all of the above to your client or friend if they have shown up to you with those kinds of questions. Help them develop a healthier mindset when it comes to wanting to understand a connection, or worse, wanting to control the outcome. After all, you want to give them answers that will actually help and make them feel better and informed. Think of how therapists handle the same things. They aren’t there to help you analyze other people, they’re here to see what you can do for your health and happiness, and how much is in your control.

reading tarot about other people

How to read tarot for other people then?

Reading tarot for other people works just as reading them for yourself. As mentioned above, the seeker will have given you permission if they truly wish to participate rather than sceptically wanting to laugh at the process, they will open up that door for us. Start by asking the person where they want their guidance to come from, whether their subconscious, a guardian angel, a guide or any religious or spiritual preference if they have one.

Once you’ve established a connection with said source, clear out all biases. You are not to give your personal opinion, but clear your mind and listen carefully to your intuition. You might be a family person, but if you feel strongly that the tarot cards are suggesting divorce or seeing other people, it is your duty as the messenger to pass that guidance.

As a vessel, you might also often feel the opinion or thoughts of the person you’re reading for, as they might be projecting them through you. It’s just a matter of always grounding back to the source and asking highly specific questions.

What if I or my client is unhappy with the reading?

We now know what we can do, but we still don’t know how other people feels or thinks. That is the enlightened, mature, and self-loving way. If instead of feeling peace there’s a hint of selfishness or dissatisfaction, there’s a need for more self-love readings, practising detachment, gratitude and confidence. Obsession over somebody else is a serious symptom and shows a lacking of personal fulfillment. Try to identify why the shadow-self is so strong, and work on healing.


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