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Why tarot is trending again …

The tarot community has grown strong and prominent over the years. Tarot cards are sold openly in bookstores around the world and there are countless businesses and creators focused on producing, educating or using tarot cards as a service or entertainment. There’s no shortage of tarot content, but not so long ago there was hardly space for these things online. How did tarot cards become popular so quickly, and why tarot is trending again? Today, let’s acknowledge some of the reasons why tarot cards are big in modern times.

Tolerance and exchange of cultures.

All esoteric practices have been on a rise in modern times. This is because as a global society, we are becoming more open minded and accepting to differences around us. Humanity has been practising the freedom to be ourselves and choose our lifestyles, as well as exchanging all kinds of cultures and making information available.

In this sense, it’s not just esoterics that have become easily accessible and acceptable, but countless of other things that people may have been sheltered away from within the containers of their nation-state are open to be found by those who feel connected to these activities. Tarot cards are big and popular especially due to our ability to believe what we choose without restraints or shame and connect with others online who help us develop these facets of our spiritual identity, rather than be limited by the ‘norms’ expectations of our physical community. And because tarot, accepting each other and spirituality are part of this practice, tarot is trending as a community of ‘belonging’, maybe even more than the practice itself.

Tarot and feminism.

Esoterics, witchcraft or tarot cards are not female-specific practices of course, but have very strong feminine energies which any human being should be in touch with as much as their masculine energies. However, simultaneously as women have been gaining equal standing in western society, the empowerment of women coincided with the growing popularity of tarot.

Self-empowerment is strong in the spiritual community, and so female-empowerment feels right at home in the realm of manifesting, building plans and taking control of one’s life which tarot cards offer. Modern witchcraft and tarot was another vehicle helping many women liberate and empower themselves as the times changed, which is why tarot  is trending among women seeking to do just that. Half of the tarot content online is tied to career or starting and managing one’s business, explaining how in some startup communities tarot cards are important among female entrepreneurs, or any other kind of spiritual practice.

Much needed, accessible self-care.

Living in a world of ‘too much’, we are over-saturated every day with content and limitless possibilities, making it hard to find ourselves and causing much stress. If you ever asked yourself why tarot works, consider asking what it is originally used for. More often than not, people start reading tarot when they feel lost, overwhelmed or burnt out.

Tarot cards are important for making space and time for yourself and reconnecting with your needs, wants and sense of worth. Analysing ourselves can help us identify when we’re in need of seeing a specialist or making changes for the sake of our well-being. During the pandemic, tarot card popularity rocketed along with both spiritual healers and mental professionals, because of our rising awareness of the importance of mindfulness and managing uncertainty-anxieties.

And so the answer to why tarot cards work is the same as to the question why tarot is trending again. Because we set out to manage our inner worlds and feelings, and the analytical power of tarot allows us to feel like we have a plan and are in control. And I think I speak for us all when I say that tarot does make us feel better!

tarot cards as therapy

It’s creative!

Tarot cards are big for many artists and storytellers to explore and express their imagination and creative sides. With their countless possible interpretations and multi-dimensional meanings, tarot cards are an artform. They can be used for non divination purposes as well, whether figuring out plotlines for creative writing or depicting complex emotions or human personality with a tarot card. Or even simply taking the challenge or redesigning a tarot deck with one’s own aesthetic and style.

In our blog post about collecting tarot cards, it is also highlighted that tarot cards can simply be a hobby of collecting them as an interest for the sake of beauty or supporting the artist. We like beautiful things and art is a big part of the human experience, so if the language of tarot is trending for one thing, that would be how its imagery connects with us on a higher level.

Post Scriptum

Do you remember the first time you came across tarot cards? What’s your tarot origin story? Are you reading this post because suddenly there are so many people around you talking esoterics and you’re not sure why? You might be feeling the ‘call’ from your higher self. Try out these posts next:


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